Burgundy baby

Burgundy baby

Ahhh the joys of a good glass of red wine. Not only a great drink but also inspiration for another stylish #rootd.

Just as gorgeous as the red wine, are these GhoDho Burgundy Victoria breeches, which can take you from the barn straight to a glass of wine among friends on a nice summer terrace. Pair it with a set of layered tank tops for a casual sophisticated look: the white tank top is by Enza Costa and the black and white striped tank top is from A.L.C.

The rider accessories compliment the leather knee patches in the GhoDho breeches: this stunning pair of Stivaleria Secchiari black croco boots, a Charles Owen helmet, a black Mulberry belt and a pair of Samshield hunter gloves.

Style up the look when you head out for the glass of wine with an Ideana horseman hat, a pair of Saint Laurent burgundy sunglasses, a burgundy Maison Margiela phone case and an Asmar Equestrian lady calfskin duffle bag for all your essentials.

Swop you beautiful boots with a pair of leather Converse high-tops and your riding/wine appreciation looks is complete.

Have a stylish ride!



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