Discovering a new Equestrian Brand: Gallaud Joaillier

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Last week I was delighted to be invite to join the launch of a new and exciting jewelry brand with strong ties to the equestrian world: Gallaud Joaillier. The launch event took place in the most stunning location and appropriate location: Brasserie Les Haras de Strasbourg, which is the former National Stud Farm of Strasbourg dating from Napoleonic times.



Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 16.16.48Samantha Zilliox, the energetic and charming founder, launched her new brand originating from a lifetime passion for horses and luxury jewelry business.

After fifteen years of marketing in various fields, she decided it was time to follow her true passion. She set foot in the stirrup, and created the Maison Gallaud.

A rider since a very young age, she has let the equestrian world inspire her for the brand name and her very first collection. It all started with her finding a her true hearthorse with the predestined name: “Au-Delà de la Pérouse dit Aud”.  His name was inspired by the navigator Jean-François de Galaup, Count of La Pérouse, and is at the origin of the name Gallaud. Additonally, the french word for canter is ‘galop’ which is pronounced the same: a happy concidence and additional link to the equestrian world.

“I am fundamentally convinced that innovation, creativity and originality must be combined with the very high quality of materials and manufacturing, in a global quality approach” – Samantha Zilliox, founder Maison Gallaud

Samantha aims to dleiver the highest level of satisfaction for her cutomers through a unique and personal touch.

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The first collection for Gallaud Joaillier is inspired by the signature competition braids ‘pions’ in French. A theme that comes to life in the design, the search for perfection and emphasizes the drive for performance.



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The collection consists of a few different tiers of stunning pieces of jewelry of which most of them are fully customizable with a choice of type of gold and gemstones to meet your personal needs.

Prices range from 130Eur for the Pions elastique bracelet with small gemstones to over 2000Eur for the fully customized gold and diamond Pions trilogy pieces.


If you’d like to discover more, then please check out the Gallaud Joaillier website or follow them on Instagram @gallaud_jouillier.