HKM rider leggings

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If you’ve been following The Stylish Equestrian for a while, then you know that I’m all about quality products, heritage sophisticated style and am a bit of dressage diva at times. I am however, always curious to try the latest and greatest trends in the Equestrian world and of course the ‘rider legging’ could not be missed.

HKM Sports Equipment was generous enough to let me try their newest rider legging with silicon full seat grip to see if even the most traditional of dressage riders could be swayed towards this new athleisure trend.

Lets have a look at some of the technical features first: it is made of breathable, super comfortable stretch material and features 2 pockets: one on the left for your phone and one on the right for keys, treats or any other small items you need to bring along for your ride.

The breeches are ideal for an active lifestyle, be it running, lounging, shopping or mucking out. But the real question is: are they actually really good to ride in too? So, I put these beauties to the ‘feisty spooktacular dressage mare’ test, to see if they would be just comfortable and functional as my ‘regular’ full seat breeches.

And, they ARE! I was pleasantly surprised by the way they keep you in the saddle like any other breech, while being immensely comfortable and breathable thanks to the mesh inserts.

I can’t wait to wear the on our next long and leisurely hack in the woods.

Want a pair of HKM Sports Equipment rider leggings too?

Order your very own HERE (Art.Nr. 10010)