Foot huggies boot socks

Boot sock detailsI must admit I’m quite obsessed with matching my boot socks to my outfit for the day. When I was asked to give the Foot Huggies boot socks a try, my initial concern was of course how to match them to my #rootd for the day, not if they would be a good pair of socks or not 😉

They are, however, not only very smart socks, they are also technical perfection as far as riding socks go. Now, you might wonder what makes these socks so special? Here are some technical details and interesting facts about these beauties:

The Socks are made from: 70% COOLMAX(R), 27% Nylon, and 3% LYCRA(R)

“COOLMAX® EXTREME technology effectively moves perspiration away from the body and out through the fabric where it can evaporate quickly. It meets the brand’s most demanding standards for moisture management, breathability, and durability.”

IMG_4737OK, now this might sound a bit scientific, but I tried the socks during quite a warm Autumn d
ay and even though they might feel quite thick in certain places and warm at first, I did not at all have that soggy sock feeling that I normally have after an intensive day of horse riding, training and grooming. Apparently, this great sock feeling is thanks to an innovative ‘Basket Weave’ which allows a light weight sock with padding where needed and  breathability and thinness where padding isn’t needed. The padding helps avoid the innevitable bloody ankle day that many riders and their beautiful new boots must have experienced at least once in their riding career.

DSC_0256Another detail that makes these socks so comfortable is one of the key elements of thier design: invisible seams. The seam is placed high up, away from the end of the toes, just where your foot bones meet your toes, so no unwanted rubbing here either.

The sock design features a RIGHT sock and a LEFT sock as well as a ‘Toe Box’: a graduating toe box starting at the big toe down to the little toe allowing for a comfortable, roomy fit.  With this creative approach, Foot Huggies socks are able to provide a fit that allows for your toes to grip your stirrup irons through your boot without a bunching sock getting in the way of your performance. This also allows blood flow to your toes, keeping them awake, warm and happy.

The sizing is a bit unconventional: Small, Medium, large. There will however, always be a size for you!​

IMG_4676As mentioned before, I put the size M (I wear a European size 39) dressage socks to a 2 hour hack, 1 hour dressage training and 2x 30min longe test and they passed with flying colors. My boots fit perfectly, I felt grip in the stirrups and felt perfectly fine when taking my boots off and swapping them for my stable boots in which they were perfectly comfortable too.

I can definitely recommend Foot Huggies boot socks thanks to their comfort, breathability, support and simple sleek design.


Get yours here: Foot Huggies Boot socks 29.95$


“What’s in your boot?”