Stübben test PART 1: Equi-Soft saddle girth


Something slightly different on the blog today: as I am not only a fashionista, but also a rider, I teamed up with Stübben to test a range of dressage focussed items. Today you will be able to discover more about the Stübben Equi-Soft saddle girth.

I am very open to trying and testing any kind of fashion items for the look, feel and functionality, but when I was talking to the lovely folks over at Stübben about trying some new items for my horse, I was a bit reluctant: she’s doing fine, our tack is doing fine… no need to change, right? I’m happy I got over my initial reluctance to change a ‘winning team’ and give the Stübben Equi-Soft saddle girth a try. To note, I had already been riding one of the horses in my care last year with this particular girth, because this mare was extremely sensitive in the girth area and seemed to be doing much better with the Equi-Soft girth. So, Clem and I gave it a try too!


Some technical details about the Stübben Equi-Soft girth to get us started:

“The sophisticated and exclusive system made of elastic strips allows a perfect girth-pressure-distribution. As a direct consequence, the horse’s complaints when being girthed are reduced significantly (e.g. kicking, biting, refusal of the girth).
Its special design allows the horse to expand its chest when needed during exercise. The elastic rings expand and contract with the rib cage, maintaining a uniform tension. A comparative study of various girths certifies: All horses, without exception, maintained lower heart rates when using the Equi-Soft-girth. The unique design allows the girth cover to be changed within seconds.

Due to the girths exclusive system of elastic rings and special shape, consistent pressure is released from the chest and freer breathing is permitted. Proven significantly lower heart rate for the horse. Girths span over a large area allowing a perfect girth pressure distribution.”

We have been riding with the Neoprene girth cover for a while now, and so far, we love it! After a bit of fiddling about in the beginning to find the right tensions and the perfect placement, I got zero resistance from a usually sensitive mare while tightening the straps. Additionally, once I found the right tension, I really do believe she had increased freedom of movement, as well as consistent, non-invasive pressure, resulting in a relaxed work-out. Last but not least, I checked the sweat marks after riding on a few occasions and saw that the girth really does apply consistent pressure throughout every part if positioned correctly.

This winter, after the first clip, I will switch to the sheepskin cover as Clem always gets extremely sensitive skin in the girth area when changing from her summer to her winter coat. I’m also very curious to see how long the elasticity will last, but knowing the quality of Stübben products, this will be a very very long time.
Keep you posted on this one, but for now: we’re a very happy team with our new Stübben Equi-Soft girth. Next up to test: the Stübben Switch snaffle bridle with Magic Tack browband, that also turns into a double bridle when needed – watch this space!

Want to know more about the Stübben Equi-Soft girth?
Check out your local Stübben dealer or the Stübben website.