The pregnancy pants predicament


Maybe you’ve noticed over the past couple of weeks that it’s become a little bit quieter than usual on Instagram. This is because it’s getting just that little bit more difficult taking stylish shots both on and next to the horse while sporting an almost 7 month bump.

I have been lucky enough to be able to continue riding up to this point. I am however winding it down now, as I feel I can no longer give the right aids and do not feel like it’s the right thing to do to my body to the physical limits I usually do anymore. We decided that it would be best that, in a few weeks, my darling Clemmie will be going to my friends’ place for ‘summer camp’: a few months of training and relaxing at the Dutch seaside.

One of the things I’ve found during my pregnancy so far is that finding riding breeches that accommodate a growing bump and still look somewhat stylish and are available at a somewhat reasonable price (how often are you really going to use them!?) is quite the challenge.

Are you planning to ride throughout your pregnancy? Here are my recommendations for stylish and comfortable riding breeches to help you look good, feel good and ride with your bump in style:

EQ Athletica product review 11st trimester

During those first 3 months, you can probably still fit into your regular breeches, but if you are already feeling a little discomfort around the waistline, then I would already stick to slightly lower waist models by Pikeur, Horze, Ariat or your favorite brand and maybe dig out one of those pairs you accidentally bought one size too big. Or, ride with an extra hint of style with the extra comfortable and 4 way stretch EQ Athletica technical breeches or the Kudamono denim stretch breeches.

PRG Product review 12nd trimester

This is the time to switch to rider leggings if you haven’t already done so. Rider leggings will stretch to accommodate your growing bump and will still provide the performance you are used to from your regular technical breeches. I have absolutely loved riding in my Pro Riding Gear Project No.1 riding tights in the first part of the 2nd trimester and have switched to the Aztec Diamond Equestrian rider leggings now because they allow for even more stretch, while still supporting the bump in all the right places.

IMG_7465.jpg3rd trimester

If you are still riding at this stage of your pregnancy, then congratulations, you are one of the few superhumans who can still do it! Make sure you do so in your trusted rider leggings or invest in a pair of ‘real’ maternity breeches by Pfiff for example, with the signature belly band you can also find on regular maternity wear. I have bought a pair, but I much prefer riding in my rider leggings and switching to yoga / comfy pants like the new Eclat Equestrian ombre leggings at home.


Riding while pregnant is a very personal choice: for some, it’s a given, for others it’s an absolute No-Go. It’s up to you to understand what is best for your situation, your body and your growing bump … and when in doubt: talk to your doctor or simply … don’t… safety first!

Have a stylish ride!