Roeckl Milas all-round Longe and Stable gloves

Roeckl Milas Prod rev 1.jpg

Me being a big fan of Roeckl gloves, I was very excited to try the newest addition to the Roeckl glove family: the Milas all-round Longe and Stable gloves.

Roeckl Milas Prod Rev 4.jpgI find myself with a longe line in my hand almost every day, whether it’s to work the horses in hand or let off a little steam before hopping on, and have always tried to find the best possible ways avoid having the longe line slip through my hands. Now, with the Roeckl Milas gloves, this fear is a thing of the past.

They also come in very handy when loading a horse onto the trailer (especially if they decide that they really do prefer staying at home right at that moment) or leading the horses to the paddock (and they get a bit excited en route…).

Sturdy, stylish and functional, that’s how I would describe the Roeckl Milas gloves.

Here are a few product-specific details that could be interesting to know:

Roeckl Milas prod rev close upThe Munich glove specialists Roeckl have used a special material, DURADERO, for the palm. This tried and tested synthetic suede is particularly robust and therefore ideal for handling horses and longe activity. At the same time, it is comfortably soft and supple, thereby guaranteeing a sensitive feeling on the reins, longe line or lead rope. The glove is reinforced with additional SILICONE-GRIP trimming on the thumbs and palms for an even more reliable grip.

The backhand is made of a combination of elastic and robust 2-way Spandex, and the slim cut with ROECKL’s exclusive COMFORT-CUT ensure a perfect fit. Thanks to the functional RAIL FINGER CUT, the glove’s fingertips are specially protected against damage.

Roeckl Milas Prod Rev 3A soft neoprene cuff and fastener below the palm secure the MILAS gloves around the wrist. Good to know for us equestrians: The glove is machine-washable at 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit).

So, do you really need a separate pair for longe and stable work? Well, yes, I think so. Especially if you longe a lot or work with young jumpy spooktacular horses, these gloves are really a safe, reliable, functional all-round pair to have in your cupboard.

Forgot your ‘regular’ gloves when putting your horse on the longe to warm up before a ride? No problem, the Milas gloves are flexible and comfortable enough to be perfectly suitable for any kind of dressage or showjumping training and offer a strong grip between the ring -and pinky finger as well.

The Roeckl Milas gloves are available in Black and in the sizes 6 thru 11 at most respectable equestrian retailers for a recommended retail price of 35 Eur.

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