Alberto Fasciani field boots

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I received my new pair of Alberto Fasciani model 33202 field boots a while ago and wanted to make sure to share my point of view with you on my newest pair of versatile and stylish boots.

These beauties are swiftly becoming my go to pair for dressage training, jumping, pole work, hacking and racing in the fields: a true all round boot with added technical features.

They are especially great for when the temperatures are rising, as the leather in wonderfully supple, flexible and a bit thinner than your standard ‘rigid’ dressage boot (which I’m used to….) making it a perfect summer training boot. Yes it’s thinner, but it still provides the support a dressage rider would be looking for, while being flexible enough to pop over a jump to two.

Believe it or not, but these boots area actually part of the Alberto Fasciani standard riding boot collection (while looking and feeling completely custom made) and are made from brushed calfskin leather. The boots have the signature Alberto Fasciani stretch elastic panel on the inner side of the bootleg, providing you with premium comfort and an exceptional fit when on the horse.

A few extra details to look out for: check out the ornamental logo at the top of the boots and the brogue detail on the toe. My pair has been customised with a dark brown/black detail at the top, which you can choose to fit your style.

Need a pair of these beauties in your life too?

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