EQ Athletica Manoonnies breeches

EQ Athletica Product review 3If you’ve been following The Stylish Equestrian Instagram, you must have already seen a few posts featuring EQ Athletica passing by. I’ve had the pleasure of working with this young an exciting brand via my brand coaching business from the very start and could not be prouder that they are now live!

A little bit about the brand:

EQ Athletica was born from the need for reasonably priced, functional and technical equestrian wear. You know, that feeling when you go into a shop and love the item, but are scared to check the price tag…yep, we’ve all been there… Manon, the founder, and designer of EQ Athletica wanted to be able to offer the active amateur equestrian a range of functional clothing that looks great, feels great and is affordable within a reasonable budget (no more scary price-tag checks!).

EQ Athletica product review 1

The EQ Athletica breeches are specifically designed for the active amateur equestrian that loves being at the barn, as well as hitting the gym and relaxing on the couch and watching their favorite series on Netflix .

EQ Athletica product review 4

A fun fact: the name Manoonnies name comes from Manon, the designer. Because she felt so personally connected to this very first range of EQ Athletica breeches, she decided to name them after her own nickname: Manoonnie.

Now, as you might know, I am a dressage rider pur-sang and would normally only buy and try full seat breeches and stay way way away from ‘just’ knee grip. So obviously I put on the Manoonnies by EQ Athletica thinking it would be a disastrous slip slide of a training, but boy was I ever wrong. There is something about the way the 4 stretch fabric, the technical high-performance design and the slightly raised waist, that makes sure that the breeches offer a similar type of riding experience as a full seat breech and stay in place in the best possible way. I love the breathability and comfort of the breeches and they have quickly become one of my go-to pairs for any type of riding or weather.

“The innovative silicone grip technology does not inhibit knee movement but offers just the right amount of support to provide that much-needed saddle stability”

– EQ Athletica

EQ Athletica product review 5The breeches are on offer in 4 classic yet stylish colors (my favorite is definitely the Grey as featured in the pictures) and have a fashionable design with just the right amount of pockets, zippers, and bling. As mentioned before, they are made of a durable 4-way stretch fabric, are finished with a comfortable sock bottom and come in a range of jeans inspired sizes (my 28 is a perfect fit for a European 36 / Small).

Although the breeches are reasonably priced at 159CAD, they are still not quite what you would call a cheap steal. I do truly think they are worth the investment: a pair of Manoonnies will quickly become your go-to, all-round, long-lasting classic pair for any type of riding that you might decide to do that day.

I really can’t wait to see what else will be coming our way from this fresh new brand. For now, if you’d like to have your very own pair of EQ Athletica Manoonies breeches you can shop them right here:

EQ Athletica Manoonies breeches

Enjoy and have a stylish ride!