Antares Easy Longe

Usually not the fan of too many ‘tools’ I was a little bit reluctant to try yet another longing apparatus. I was however pleasantly surprised when trying the Antares Easy longe.

It’s flexible enough to allow stretching over the back, yet provides the horse enough of a frame to encourage work, bending and use of the back hand. My Clemmie responded very well to the alternating pressure you can use on the inner or the outer rein and held herself in a great working frame throughout the exercises and stretched out wonderfully when done.

Now I know why this product won the innovation trophy of the paris horse show in 2015.

So how does this innovative tool work exactly:

It’s a lanyard enabling a natural orientation of the horse to offer an effective work0out as well as enabling relaxation. The horse works with the lanyard without any constraint, because the innovative traction slides leave the horse free to work in the most comfortable position. Training with the Antares Easy Longe allows improvement of the locomotion of the horse, it’s super easy to use, without any adjustment so no risk of ‘clumsiness’ when trying to find the right length.

IMG_0974How to use the Antares Easy Longe:

– Fasten the two snap hooks on each side your longe girth

– Attach a carabiner to either side of the bit

– Use the central attachment ring for the longe line between the two carabiners attached to the bit.


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