BR Madelyn breeches

br-6I was so excited when these beauties arrived earlier this week. Not only am I a big fan of black breeches (they fit with everything!), but I’m also a lover of grip, needing a little extra help to perfect my less than perfect dressage seat. My breeches can never be grippy enough and when I read the description of the BR Madelyn breeches, I was sold immediately.

They are truly the best grip breeches I have ever worn: the silicon knee patch adds an extra layer of stability to the already strong grip microfiber 3/4 full seat.


Style wise they are flattering to every shape with dark grey elasticated insets perfectly positioned to celebrate the female form.

The waist is medium high, which keeps both the breeches, and whatever you’ve got tucked in, in place not only during your ride but also when picking hooves or any other awkward grooming position.

BR 7.pngAnother great thing about these breeches is that the grey elasticated inserts at the front, are not only stylish, but also provide you with more freedom of movement while riding.

Like them as much as I do?

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