ANKY Technical Casuals saddle pad and boots

anky-set-2Ever since I was a little pony loving girl living in Holland,  I’ve been the biggest of fans of Anky van Grunsven. Admiring not only her incredible horsemanship and unbelievable achievements (who else can say that they’ve won olympic gold three times in a row?), but also her immaculate sense of style.

Obviously I did a little girly dance of joy when ANKY Technical Casuals was launched in 1998, as now I could also own a piece of my childhood idols’ style. Anky believed there was a huge need for a fashionable line of clothing and related products, which combines technical materials with optimal comfort, quality and usability. I absolutely love it that Anky is personally involved in the development of the products and is really devoted to composing, designing and testing the collections. You can really notice that all ANKY articles are manufactured with high-tech materials with specific technical functionalities and properties.

Now, many years later, I have been given the chance to test and review a super glamorous set by ANKY Technical casuals.

ANKY dressage Saddle pad AW16

anky-set-3Maybe one of the most iconic items in the ANKY Technical Casuals assortment. Different from your ‘regular’ pad thanks to the  exterior made of tactile suede with glittery non-skid ANKY print on both sides to avoid movement of the saddle. You read it right, avoid movement, as opposed to your standard pad it has neither the velcro stirrup straps or the girth strap, yet still it stay perfectly in place. The interior fabric is designed with Coolmax® to provide optimal moisture management, which, especially with cold temperatures and hard working, sweating horses, is a great feature. The thick filling inside ensures even shock absorption and optimal comfort for the horse.

ANKY technical climatrol boots and bell boots

anky-set-4I’m a self confessed lazy dressage rider and sometimes just do not want to bother with protection pads and bandages… but still want my horse to have to proper leg protection and look her matchy matchy best. In come the ANKY Technical climatrol boots and bell boots. The Technical Boots are engineered with cylindrical perforated Neoprene and technical metallic coating inside the shell fabric for optimum moist evaporation. The inside is equipped with the registered I.4U heat dispenser system to transport heat away from the legs. The Technical Boots are light weight, breathable, machine washable and are easy to fit with the Velcro closure. But above all, they have just the right amount of bling to stand out and still be technical and super classy.

Same goes for the bell boots: they are engineered just as good as the technical boots and are soft enough to protect my sensitive skinned horses’ legs (I usually prefer the sheepskin lined ones, but with these: no rubbing!).

These ANKY items should really be on every riders’ holiday wishlist, I assure you, you’ll love all of them!

Have a stylish ride!