Spring cleaning with K9 Horse

IMG_0395It was the most beautiful spring day this week at the stables and I felt it was time to give my pretty princess black mare a good spring cleaning. She had a hunter clip this winter and it was starting to look a bit scruffy to say the least. So, I gave all her fluffy bits a good trim, cut her tail (unfortunately she is not blessed with the fullest of tails) and brought her grown out mane back into shape.

Last step on the spring cleaning journey was a good thorough spring wash, and what better than to give some new products a try to kick off the season?

I used the K9 Horse Aloe Vera shampoo, conditioner and main & tail spray and I wish there was a way that I could make you feel and smell the wonderful result. The description and pictures will have to do for now (or just order them and try it yourself!)

After getting her rinsed and wet I applied a small dose of the Aloe Vera shampoo to her coat, mane and tail. This natural and mild shampoo has a calming effect on sensitive skin, which is great for my mare who is mid coat change and often shows signs of itchiness. The active ingredients in the shampoo – Aloe Vera, D-Panthenol and wheat protein – provide optimal moisture balance and coat quality, repairing dry damaged hair and creating a healthy, shiny coat.

Then, after giving her a good rince, I applied the Aloe Vera conditioner to her coat, mane and tail.
IMG_0427It leaves the mane and tail super easy to groom, and adds a beautiful shine to the coat. The conditioner has antistatic properties, was well as a repelling effect on dirt and dust.

Once she was dry, I added another little spritz of the Aloe Vera Main and Tail leave in spray and afterwards Clemmie looked shiny and healthy, felt and smelled wonderfully clean and fresh, and her tail has never looked shinier and fuller.

A great spring cleaning I would say, thank you K9 Horse!

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