Horse Pilot Fahrenheit winter jacket

DSC_0449Winter has hit us quite hard quite quickly over here with below zero Celcius in the morning and light dustings of snow. Beautiful, but COLD!

Thankfully Horsepilot had sent me some items to test a little while ago including a pair of their X Dress pant white full seat competition breeches: pretty much the most flexible, comfortable, perfect fitting, non-see-through competition breeches I have ever owned! Take a look at one of the Instagram pics HERE or go directly to their website HERE to shop your own.

IMG_5615They also sent me their newest winter performance jacket: the Fahrenheit in a beautiful shade of Burgundy. A little bit about Horsepilot and their design philosophy before going into the details of this beautiful and functional winter jacket.

Horsepilot believes that riding is a sport. A sport in which tradition runs deep (top hats and coattails anyone?), but still requires functional wear in order to perform at top level. They see riders as athletes, who have the same needs as more conventional athletes, whether runners, skiers or climbers.


Whatever the season. Horseback riding means accepting the unpredictable, sudden changes and an environment beyond your control.


Horsepilot‘s priority is to ensure the well-being of the rider: Keep the rider warm and insulated amid icy gusts of wind. Or, controlling body temperature with breathable materials when maximum effort is made.

Now, all of this sounds great as a philosophy, but does it really shine through in their collection? Yes, it does, the Fahrenheit jacket is the ultimate proof that Horsepilot really can combine style with functionality tailored to equestrian needs.

Stylish curves & ultra-warm protection.

Never to be cold again”

That’s is what the tagline for this jacket claims, and I cannot agree more.

DSC_0407With one of the best weight-to-heat ratios you will find in the business, this jacket protects you from the cold effectively, whatever the situation. The water-repellent fabric helps stop all moisture ingress, while sealed seams at the hood and shoulders will keep you dry, no matter how intense the weather conditions.

DSC_0392The slim cut and leather trim on the Fahrenheit give the jacket a modern and timeless look, as well as having some super nifty feature to makes your ride even more stylish and comfortable like armhole zips to offer some much-needed ventilation while riding (brilliant!), ‘media’ kit to be able to bring your phone and thread through your headphones for some tunes while you ride and he ergonomic leather trimmed cuff (retain heat and look good all at the same time).

I took this beauty for a ride outside as well as in the hall and in both conditions, it did what it said on the tin: kept me warm, feeling good and riding in style!


Get your own Fahrenheit winter jacket right HERE

and have a stylishly warm ride!



Post in collaboration with Horsepilot