Pro Riding Gear Project no. 1 Riding Tights


One of the joys of being an equestrian fashion blogger is discovering new brands, and what a discovery I’ve done! Check out the new kid on the block in the magical world of luxury technical riding wear: Pro Riding Gear. I was offered the opportunity to test their Project no.1 Crimson technical riding tights and can’t wait to tell you all about them!

The Project No.1 collection is available in 5 different colors, Army green, Black, Navy blue, Crimson burgundy, and grey. Each and every one of them exudes sophistication, luxury, and technical performance

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PRG 7.JPGThe breeches are innovative in their grip system offering 2 different kinds of silicone grip, which is simply said… brilliant. A light to medium grip at the seat and a little stronger around the knee area. Riding tights by default need some form of grip not to be too slippery in the saddle, but what I have often experienced that the grip is too much for the riding tight fabric to handle, making the fabric stick to the saddle and start to slide around at the legs and seat reducing comfort and fit and in the end riding experience. The 2 type grip on the Pro Riding Gear tights combined with the excellent soft yet durable and high-quality sturdy stretch fabric offers you the same or even better fit and grip as with any other luxury riding breeches. Apart from being functionally flawless, the innovative grip system also looks great: I love the honey combe pattern on both the seat and knees.

PRG 8.JPGThe tights are designed with a high waisted fit, which I think is not only extremely comfortable, but essential for a pair of riding tights to ensure the best possible fit during your ride. The waistband hides a few more technical surprises with a pocket big enough for an I phone 7 in the back and a little pouch for coins or keys in the front, all while remaining in perfect shape around the waist. I love these little details, as I can see myself riding out through the woods this summer in them without having to worry where to put my phone (which I always bring for emergencies!). In addition to these nifty waist pockets, the tights also offer two side pockets for a quick place to put your gloves or your phone when you need both hands to get your horse ready.

PRG Product review 1The fabric, as mentioned before, is a little bit thicker than you would usually expect from a riding tight, which actually makes me love them even more! They really provide the same riding experience as any other luxury breech even when doing a strenuous cavalletti training or dressage training. And, are still comfy and classy enough to continue wearing for a coffee with friends in town after your ride or chilling with a mug of hot chocolate on the couch.

They retail at 149,95Eur, which is slightly more expensive than your regular riding tight, but in my opinion worth every single cent. I would happily spend that or more on ‘regular’ breeches and these tights are right up there with any other luxury technical equestrian brand offering.


Make sure you follow Pro Riding Gear on Facebook and Instagram, because I’m sure there will be many more technical beauties coming our way from this new brand! Can’t wait for Project no. 2!

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