Beach time

Beach final

Summer is fabulous, especially when you can spend some quality time at the beach. Dress and pack smartly to be able to start of your day with an early morning ride and then head straight to the beach with this summer #rootd.

Keeping the colors and fabrics light keeps you as cool as possible in the summer sun. The signature Euro breech from Asmar Equestrian is an excellent creme colored summer pair. Combine it with a white Spiced Equestrian white snaffle polo and add on some classic must haves like the classic Alberto Fasciani dressage boots, Samshield classic helmet, Samshield hunter gloves,  and a Mango Bay Design snaffle belt.

Pack your beach essentials in your Saint Laurent beach tote. When packing, make sure to bring your D’Epony bikini with stirrup details and matching lightweight beach towel, a pair of Helmut Lang shorts, Dior sunglasses, Vanner Hats Savannah hat and a pair of Joie Phyllis wedge sandals.

Have a stylish ride!




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