Ariat Spring Summer 18 favorites


There is no torture worse for the fashion conscious equestrian than having a closet full of new summer fashion and not being able to ride…. For the time being, I thought I’d show you some of my absolute favorites in my closet right now just waiting to be worn and shown this summer when I can get back in the saddle. This time zooming in on the Ariat Spring / Summer 2018 collection.

Ariat Tri Factor Grip Full Seat Breech in Navy Blue

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 13.52.46Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 13.53.15

I can’t wait to try the latest addition to Ariat’s breech collection, a pair that demonstrates style, comfort and exceptional grip.
It’s made from mid-weight stretch knit and utilising a compressive fabrication, the Tri Factor breeches incorporate Icefil cooling technology to keep riders cool and comfortable on those warmer days.
The flexible Ariat Hex Silicone Grip full seat offers optimal grip in the saddle, while the V3 technology provides superior stretch and a close fit.
Additional features include Ariat’s Calf Fit System to alleviate pressure points and friction under the boots, Moisture Movement Technology to wick moisture away from the skin and Core Control Technology to create a sleek profile.
Faux back flap pockets and an Ariat logo trim add finishing touches.

I will keep you posted on how these beauties perform product review post after the summer!

Ariat Odyssey 1/4 Zip Seamless Baselayer in Chambray Heather Blue

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 14.04.50

A must-have in any equestrians’ summer wardrobe: a winner in Ariat’s ‘Heat series’ which promises to help you beat the heat and stay cool an dry. I have a few already in different colors and am loving the pale blue color in the summer collection. The jersey shirt from the Heat Series collection prevents chafing through seamless processing. Moisture-wicking properties and integrated sun protection ensure comfort.

Ariat Sunstopper 1/4 Zip in Cold Plunge

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 14.03.40Bring on the SUN!

A light-weight, super reliable sunstopper in the best color of the season, including a cute print detail on the inside of the collar. The durable Sunstopper top comes with built-in sunscreen, mesh ventilation panels and moisture-wicking properties for a dry feel.

Ariat Glynn Glee Scarf

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 14.14.18

Bets way to tie a whole look together: a light-weight summertime pony print scarf. Best gift for any horse lover this summer!



Ariat Fuse sneakers

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 14.17.12Move over established sneaker brands: there’s a new kid in town!! I’ve been living in these beauties over the past few weeks: ideal for a walk in the woods, a light-weight barn shoe or paired with jeans for a coffee in town with the girls. LOVE’M!!

The FUSE is made from a combination of breathable mesh and synthetic upper part, it features an innovative, removable comfort insole with a contoured massage surface that restores tired feet. Other features include a heel pull-in loop, EVA midsole and a rubber outsole with forefoot flex notches – a perfect blend of performance and style. And, it’s available in a wide range of fashionable shades suit anyone’s sneaker needs.

Last but not least, I’ve added a pair of classic Roeckl grip gloves.

Go check out for the latest fabulous summer fashion and happy shopping!

Have a stylish ride!


A love story…

A love story....png

A little love story for you today: just sharing my passion for everything burgundy this season (or any season for that matter actually… I think it’s becoming a serious long-lasting relationship). If you’re a lover of Burgundy too, then this look is definitively for YOU!

I recently spotted these Burgundy Animo Naspre breeches in my local tack shop and just had to incorporate them into a look one way or another. For me, beige is always a great companion for Burgundy, so I paired them with a 3.1 Phillip Lim turtleneck sweater.

For warmth, added texture and above all style, I added the Alpaca button up jacket by Equirex in this exquisite dark hue of burgundy (almost aubergine) and then combined it with a matching LC Lauren Conrad plaid blanket scarf.

Continue the Burgundy theme with a stunning exclusive Miasuki Ribbon helmet and a pair of black Kempkens jumping boots (with… of course…. a burgundy detail).

Finish off the look with a classy black Gucci logo buckle belt, a pair of must-have black Roeckl Julia winter gloves and a Rebecca Minkoff cross body bag to bring along your keys and phone to the barn, while declaring your love for Burgundy once and for all.

Have a stylish ride!


Blue steel

Sometimes I can’t resist a good deal… so when I saw that these Horze crescendo grey denim breeches were on sale I just had to press ‘put in cart’ …. 

Then of course the very first thing I did was to figure out all the stuff ways to style it out. I’ve shown one of the many options I came up with here today, hope you like it!

I partnered the Horze breeches with a dark navy blue Lacoste polo shirt and matching carry-all tote bag. Of course I neede to find a way to incorporate my antique brown leather Alberto Fasciani riding boots, so I paired them with tag ing Roeckl gloves and and Isabel Marant Etoile belt.

A good #rootd like this need a matching phone case, so I went with a dark bay blue lizard leather one by Vianel and a statement accessory like a vintage Louis Vuitton logo scarf. I then finished off the look with my stunning navy blue Back on Track EQ3 helmet. 

Have a stylish ride!

Hay hair don’t care


Sometimes you just want your shirt to say what you’re really feeling: yes I have hay hair, and no, I really don’t care… Rock your hay hair with equestrian pride and own the look with an Imperial Colt T shirt and an amazing #rootd.

Wear your fabulous hay hair look with a Kerrits Tailor made trench: A ¾ length jacket with flattering equestrian style and hip-length coverage which takes you from barn rat to functional fashionista in one zip. And pair it with ANKY technical super silicone grip full seat breeches.

Accessorise your look with a Shop Hunt Club Derby belt, a pair of SSG Gloves and Samshield helmet. Make sure to style out the look with a Kenzo tote bag, a Heron design studio scarf and a pair of exquisite Alberto Fasciani classic dressage boots.

Have a stylish ride … and remember to wear your hay hair with pride!

Pumpkin spice


Oh yeah!! Pumpkin spice season has officially started!! Let’s celebrate this fabulous time of year with a pumpkin spice inspired #rootd.

This Chloe roll neck cashmere sweater is the perfect pumpkin color. And, for a bit of spice add the autumn green Schockemoehle Libra breeches and a grey Falke shell vest.

More pumpkin colored fabulousness comes through in the SSG Gloves, the Stick and Ball Co Indio cross body bag and a pair of Donadeo stable boots.

Finish off your pumpkin spice look with classic grey rider accessories like the Micheal Cox double stud leather belt, a chromo T KEP Italia grey helmet and a pair of Parlanti zip polo style boots.

Have a stylish ride!

Special Edition: the stylish equestrian for Stacy Cheetham


Meet Stacy Cheetham: rider, writer and full time do-gooder.

sc-1Stacy (#thevegequestrian) is based in Raleigh, North Carolina and blogs about a blend of fashion, (vegetarian) food and equestrian lifestyle. She’s a full-time philanthropist/fund-raiser who rides professionally on the side.

Her fundraising is focussed on a small medical non-profit that does international mission work. Her passion project however is really the Jump for the Children Horse Show, which benefits Duke Children’s Hospital in Raleigh. She’s been involved for the past three years, and the Silent Auction Chair for the past two, and has grown the contributions significantly. It is something she is hugely proud to be a part of. She actually just wrote her first feature article about it, which will be appearing in the next print issue of the Carolina’s Equestrian. She gets to work with some really top equestrians both at that show, and in her part time writing.

sc-2Stacy has ridden her entire life and turned professional about 2 years ago to teach and ride during a period she was in between jobs. She has always been partial to the OTTB; she has a fabulously talented mare right now, Indelible, or Hannah around the barn. She is fancy and she is 100% mare, but she is amazingly athletic and she is going to be something special. Stacy originally bought her to be a hunter, then thought she would be a jumper, but as she is settling into her 5-year-old year, now she’s not sure where she is going to end up! Stacy has ridden in all the rings: Dressage in Europe as a child, the Big Eq and Children’s/Junior growing up, IHSA through college… a bit of everything! She bought a young Trakehner/TB gelding in 2006, trained and competed him until January 2015 , when she sold him to do pre-adults up in Virginia. He took her to Devon, Upperville, all over – he will always be her heart horse!
sc-3Stacy has a laid back edgy casual style and loves brands like Annie’s Equestrienne, Callidae, 2K Grey. She also absolutely loves One Horse Threads and Phyllis Stein tees. Additionally, she likes her high end  leather goods like Hermes, Hadfield’s and ADT. Stacey likes to mix it up and that’s what we did for her look today.
Like her style? Her is all you need to know to get her look:
The American Thoroughbred ‘TB day off hoodie’ from One Horse Threads was the absolute no miss item in this look. Add on a layer for extra warmth with a navy blue Horka vest and combine your OTTB hoodie with a grey HV Polo T and a pair of stunning Annie’s Equestrienne Namaste Navy breeches.
She likes to get comfy after a ride, so we’ve added a pair of HV Polo sneakers to change into after from her Celeris Bia custom boots. A pair of SSG gloves, a navy blue Samshield helmet and last but not least the signature Hermes belt finalise Stacy’s casual chic #rootd.
Have a stylish ride!

Fantastic Fuchsia


Every time is see this fabulously fantastic fuchsia pink it makes me smile. I wanted to compile a sophisticated autumn #rootd with a pop of fuchsia pink, without it going full tilt Barbie.

The Asmar Equestrian long sleeved logo T shirt in Fuchsia pink is a perfect way to wear this wonderfully loud color. Especially if it’s combined with the sleek Cavalleria Toscana dark moss green breeches and a stylish, yet extremely affordable H&M black vest.

Accessorise with a striped Mulberry scarf, a pair SSG Gloves Moss Green gloves and a stunning Rebecca Ray bridle stitch clutch in Fuchsia.

Keep your other accessories classic and sophisticated like the Petrie custom black patent leather boots, the Glossy Shagreen helmet from Antares and a Hermes signature logo black belt.

Have a stylish ride!


An apple a day…


… keeps the doctor away…. or at least, that’s what they say….

In horseworld this means keep your furry friend happy with an apple a day. Or, you could always wear one in your #rootd with this magnificently fun Fendi apple appliqué bag.

Wear you grey jeans style Cavallo Cindy breeches with a bright yellowy green Jaeger wool ribbed detail sweater and bring along your Ariat team soft-shell jacket for when it gets a bit colder.

Pair your ‘apple a day’ #rootd with a classic black KEP Italia helmet, a bright Casetify phone case and a LS Lisa Sands design black snaffle bit belt.

Finalise your look with a pair of classic Alberto Fasciani dressage boots and SGG Gloves.

Stay healthy and happy and have a stylish ride!

Special Edition: the stylish equestrian for Gina Monaci


gina-monaci-1Meet Gina Monaci, aka #thechicequestrian: make-up artist to the stars, equestrian fashionista and all round fabulously chic lady.

Gina grew up in a small suburb of Los angeles, and never imagined she would be at the barn of her dreams and owning the horse of her dreams.  As a single mother balancing career, kid and horse it is nonstop craziness, but she manages with style and flair. She had the amazing experience of going to Belgium last year to buy her current horse “Happy Boy” (a very handsome 17.1 chestnut Belgian warmblood).  Gina is very “hands on” with her boy as opposed to the past when she’d often could hand off her horse to a groom.  When she had her last horse she wanted to learn how to actually take care of it properly and this has enabled her to take the best care of her Happy Boy.

gina-monaci-2Although she has owned and ridden many horses throughout her life, she’s never showed until 4 years ago on her last horse. Gina loves competing and adores the winning spirit among her barn mates. Some of her favorite riders  right now are Edwina Tops Alexander and Jessica Springsteen for their amazing riding and style. Also Penelope Leprovost and Reed Kessler are among Gina’s favourites.

A few of Gina’s style favourites include  Hermes: “it’s the only belt I wear”, Aztec Diamond Equestrian, Dada sport, Cavalleria Toscana and Miasuki: high end super chic European lines. She also loves to mix in some quality basics from non equestrian brands like Uniqlo: “They do a cotton cashmere sweater super lightweight,  I think I have every color at this point”.

gina-monaci-3As a professional celebrity makeup/hair artist  Gina has to stay on top of the latest trends.   Whether she’s getting someone red carpet ready for the Oscars or turning them into their character for a film or shooting a cover of vogue, people rely on her skills and taste to take care of them.  

She describes her equestrian style as sophisticated chic with a little edge.  She likes simplicity: “Quality over quanity is my motto” she said.  Gina’s non horse friends often react positively to her exquisite equestrian style as most of the time she’ll still be in her riding clothes when heading to a set or shoot.

 Like her style? Here’s all you need to know about Gina’s look:

Chocolate brown is one of Gina’s favourite colors, so we took that as the inspiration for the look. Cavalleria Toscana breeches, paired with a Cavalleria Toscana show shirt lay the base for a great monochromatic look. Add on a Dada sport pink and grey vest for the chilly mornings, and then swap it for a Winston Equestrian show jacket to go meet your ladies for a drink in town.

Parlanti boots, Roeckl gloves, the Black Knight Accessories rider wristlet and of course the signature Hermes belt make for great additions to this chocolate brown look. Gina likes to change out of her boots into a pair of Joules Oxblood Chelsea boots and when it’s a bit fresh outside you’ll see her donning her Kingsland pompom beanie, after taking off her KASK helmet.

We finalised the look with some exceptionally stylish accessories like the peachy dusty pink Stella McCartney tote bag, to carry all the daily essentials like Gina’s favourite Chantecaille hydra chic lipstick in fairy moss and Gina’s outfit would not be complete without her Cartier watch.

Have a stylish ride!

Stormy sky


Even though Autumn has only just started in this part of the world, we’ve certainly already had our fair share of ferocious weather and seriously stormy skies. Why not celebrate this color scheme with a stormy sky inspired #rootd?

Check-out these magnificent Euro Star snake print breeches in this magnificent gunmetal bleu grey hue. Wear it with an Asmar Equestrian short sleeve technical shirt and then layer on a stormy blue Dada Sport cardigan and a silver Pikeur vest.

Swap your Stivali Secchiari blue trimmed boots with a pair of silver HKM sneakers after your ride and accessorise with silver, blue and grey items like the grey One K Chrome strip helmet, a silver Dolce & Gabbana and a pair of blue SSG Gloves.

Make sure you shop both the HKM sneakers and the One K Helmet with 15% off at Tackville when using the code ‘EQFASHIONFAIRY’ at check-out.

Have a stylish ride!