Au revoir summer

bye summer, hello autumn

Au revoir summer, see you again soon! It has been amazing, I will miss your beautiful mornings and late sunsets, but it’s time for autumn colors, crisp breezes and hot comforting drinks.

This time of year always calls for versatile looks that work for cold mornings and evening breezes as well as warm afternoons. A lightweight bomber jacket is the answer to all the in between season problems, like this Dabney jacket by Isabel Marant Étoile.

Wear it with a short sleeve sophisticated Euro Star Beau polo shirt and a pair of classic Pikeur Lugana beige breeches.

Layer on the navy blues with a Samshield helmet and Roeckl gloves and accentuate the bordeaux’s with a pair of Cavallo Linus Pro lace up boots, a Michael Cox double stud belt and a Sienna Jones saddle style  cross body bag.

Have a stylish ride!


Give turquoise a try

give turquoise a try

Always wanted to wear a fresh and vibrant shade of Turquoise, but not quite sure how to style it into a contemporary street to stable #rootd? Here’s some inspo for you today!

I’ve gone for a collection of turquoise accessories to brighten up this sophisticated black and burgundy look. First of all, THE equestrian summer no-miss item: the Black Knight Accessories rider wristlet, combined with a high street skinny belt, a Caslon linen scarf and a pair of Adidas Originals Stan Smith vintage sneaker.

The burgundy Ego7 full seat silicon breeches are an ideal pair to take straight from the street to the stable especially when worn with a super cute LE3NO flower print roll-up sleeve blouse.

Match your Alberto Fasciani showjumping boots with burgundy inserts to the rest of your look and finish it off with a black KEP Italia helmet and a pair of Samshield hunter gloves.

Have a stylish ride!

Summer breeze

Summer breeze

We’ve been blessed with some truly glorious hot summer days over here, but fickle as the Swiss weather is, this morning the temperate dropped all of a sudden towards early spring levels and it was truly a bit chiller than I thought it would be.

I need to take my own advice and be prepared for any kind of weather in a sophisticated blue street to stable #rootd like this one.

I recently posted a picture on Instagram of a collection of colourful boots and this actually gave me the idea to style and outfit around a pair of those eye catching beauties. This baby blue pair is the style Aachen (very appropriate at the moment thanks to the CHIO Aachen which is taking place right now) by Petrie. I was thrilled to find an equestrian style belt in exactly the same shade of baby blue by LILO collections to match the boots.

Wear it with a Fior da Liso Ivana blouse (great for chilly days and you can easily roll up the sleeves for a sophisticated hot summer day look too), a white Pikeur premium Questa vest and a pair of dark blue Covalliero Techno full seat breeches.

Wear your look ‘street’ style with a pair of Ariat Wexford H2O chelsea boots and matching Stella McCartney shaggy dear Falabella bag and ride safely and stylish with a KASK Swarovski encrusted helmet and a pair of Hauke Schmidt Touch of Class gloves.

Have a stylish ride!

Piaffe to pool

Piaffe to pool

We’ve been enjoying some absolutely gorgeous summer days over here – how about you?

The best thing after training a few horses in this the heat is the prospect of being able to dive in a nice cool pool after a long day. One way to maximise you pool time is to already bring your pool look with you to the barn.

Start off with a pair of light colored breeches (cooler in the sunshine than dark colors) like this pair by HV Polo. Wear it with a bright colored top like the turquoise Blumarine tank top and a pink Shop Hunt Club Derby belt.

Ride in style with caramel colored rider essentials like the KEP Italia helmet, a pair of Hauke Schmidt gloves and Stivaleria Secchiari boots.

When you’re ready to head to the pool, swap your helmet for a gorgeous customised Riata designs hat, your boots for a pair of Havaianas flip-flops (never around the horses though, you want to keep your toes!), your breeches for a pair of Rag & Bone denim shorts and throw your horse print John Robshaw beach towel as well as you PF50+ into your matching Roxy Got Rhythm straw beat tote.

Have a stylish ride and enjoy the summer sun!

My competition style special

Today was our very first competition day where we had the perfect storm of everything that could go wrong at your very first test: horse refusing to load (while normally walking on happily without a care in the world), the worst weather (rain, rain, rain and more rain) and dogs walking through the arena during the test (did someone say spook?).

We ended up somewhere in the middle, a result with which I am incredibly pleased considering all of the excitement leading up to the actual test. Best of all was the judges comments on us being a great combination and looking good to boot! 

I thought I’d share my competition style with you today. It all starts with a pair of white breeches: I wore the Horze Grand Prix full seat breeches – affordable, comfortable and great quality!

Then, I added on one of the shirts I actually love training in as well: the Asmar Equestrian Oxford show shirt and topped it off with the stunning and comfortable Euro Star Maxima show jacket.

I paired my black Ariat Heritage contour field boots with my Horses by Pumps en Paarden belt and of course I wore my favorite Samshield helmet and Roeckl gloves.

My lucky charm for the day was my custom made stock tie by No Concept – with a very small hint of orange to fit with my Hermès saddle pad.

My saving grace for the day was most certainly the Uhip sports jacket and matching rain skirt: both not only kept my white breeches clean and outfit looking on point, they also kept me wonderfully dry while warming up in the pouring rain. A full product review on these beauties will follow very soon! 

I sure hope you guys had as much fun competing this weekend as I did. Can’t wait for the next one!!

Have a stylish ride!

Grapefruit and lime

Grapfruite and lime

Fresh citrus shades make for a fabulous summer #rootd: add a twist of lime to your grapefruit today!

I love these Uniqlo women’s rayon blouses. They’re the lightweight and have an airy texture. The feminine, flowing silhouette is great for both street and stable. And… they’re washable as well as wrinkle-resistant for easy care.

Wear it with a pair of perfect denim Chaya grip breeches by Cavallo and accesorize it up with a matching Stella McCartney printed silk blend scarf and some cognac colored rider essentials like a vintage Hermès belt, a pair of Cavallo Polo Novellus boots and Hauke Schmidt Arabella gloves.

Head over to the tack shop before your ride wearing these incredibly fresh and cute lime green rubber Red (v) Valentino ankle boots (also great for mucking out or rainy days), a grapefruit colored Apt 9 London cross body bag and a pair of lime green Ray-Ban aviator shades.

Pop on your stylish Swarovski studded KASK helmet and you’re ready for a stylish summer ride!

Have a stylish ride!

Honey and Walnut

Honey and Walnut

I recently bought a pair of dark brown breeches and have been trying to collect some ideas on how to combine them into a contemporary #rootd. Going through a few fresh summer hues, I picked this honey yellow to create a new summer street to stable look.

Start out with the street look by combining the Euro-Star Dorina flex full seat breeches with a Laura Ashley ruffled sleeveless yellow top and a cream colored Theory Tralsmin biker jacket. Accessories you street look with a Thomas Maier antique studded leather belt, a Saint Laurent wide brimmed hat and a pair of funky chelsea boots by BAMS.

Bring everything you need for a day of shopping followed by time spent at the barn in this matching Vince Camuto ‘Jace’ tote bag.

At the barn, change into a pair of Petrie patient superior classic lace-up boots, grab a pair of Roeckl grip gloves and put on your KEP Italia helmet to finish off your look safe and stylish.

Have a stylish ride!

Skull ‘n blossom

Skull and blossom

Skull ‘n Bones? No, it’s all about the Skull ‘n Blossom for this summer #rootd today: a funky floral twist on a rugged skull ‘n bones look.

The Cavallo Christin grip grey denim breeches are the perfect partner for the Alexander McQueen skull and blossom sleeveless T shirt. Wear a Uniqlo ultra light peach covered down vest over the top for a little feminine twist to the this rockin’ look.

Shade your eyes from the sun with either a pair of J. Crew Sam sunglasses or an H&M satin sun visor and make sur your ride safe and stylish with the Uvex Suxxeed Carbon Style helmet and matching pair of Sport Style gloves.

Finish off this look with a pair of black Ariat Heritage Contour field boots and a matching Black Rag ‘n Bone Boyfriend belt.

Have a stylish ride!

Summer bloom

Summer bloom

Summer is the perfect time of the year to wear some bright and fun colourful breeches like the Caldene Derby low waist full seat in Canary yellow (available at Tackville). Wear it with a peachy pink Prana foundation scoop tank top and throw on a Wildfox meadow flowers Marquis print hoodie for when it gets chilly in the evenings.

I went for all suede in the rider accessories for this look today: Suede custom brown boots by Königs, a suede brown belt by J. Hilburn and a matching elegant Uvex Suxxeed Glamour suede helmet. Not suede, but still a perfect addition to any summer look are a pair of Roeckl grip gloves.

Do bit of summer test training by listening to it on your headphones before hopping on your horse with these ones from Urbanears in color Camelia and a yellow case for your phone by Casetify to match your look.

Bring everything you need for a summer’s day at the barn in this super cute canvas and straw cabin tote by Muuñ.

Have a stylish ride!


Mad about mint

Mad about mint

Such a fresh cool shade for hot summer days: join me in being mad about mint today 🙂

The inspiration for this look came from browsing online and stumbling upon this incredibly cute RED Valentino soft mint daisy print lightweight bomber jacket. Initially I wants to continue with the daisy theme, but decided that a minty fresh sophisticated look was a better choice for today.

Wear you super cute bomber jacket with a pair of classic beige Kingsland Kendra K-TECL breeches, a mint green Woolrich T-shirt and a pair of Puma platform sneakers.

Listen to your favourite tunes before your ride with mint green and gold Zimmerman Kreafunk headphones and a matching Harper & Blake phone case.

Add some light brown rider essentials to your look with a pair of E. Vogel Dressage Wingtip boots, a Liebeskind Berlin belt and One K Defender suede helmet.

Have a stylish ride!