Caipirinha cool

Lime cordial

OK, maybe not the best idea to start off Monday morning with a summer cocktail, but at the very least we can continue the weekend Caipirinha summer magic throughout the week with a Caipirinha inspired #rootd.

Lime, sugar and a splash of rum becoming a perfect summer #rootd with this lime green Ralph Lauren polo, a pair of soft grey Cavalleria Toscana breeches and a sugar white Moncler vest.

Add a few more slices of fresh lime with a Silver Snaffle KWPN tote bag and a Stick&Ball co cotton scarf.

Add some brown sugar to your summer cocktail with a pair of custom brown Alberto Fasciani boots and matching belt, a pair of Roeckl grip gloves and a the caramel cromo T KEP Italia helmet.

Don’t forget your Casetify pony print phone case for the final splash of summer cocktail goodness.

Have a stylish ride!


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