The return of the Mac


Everyone needs a good ‘Mac’ in their wardrobe. Thankfully the days of the ugly bright yellow or basic hunter green are long gone.

When riding in the rain or going to support your friends at the Rolex Kentucky 3 day event or the Badminton horse trials this week, it’s always a good idea to be ready for a spring shower or two with a trusty ‘Mac’ at the ready..

I love this Yumi lace print baby blue rain ‘Mac’ – cute, stylish and functional! And, no rain proof outfit would be complete without a pair of matching Hunter boots (Wellies).

The top is a must have classic button down T shirt from Mountain Horse and the breeches are another key ingredient to make any outfit look classy: the beige Dada Sport riding pants.

Finish off the look with these elegant brown accessories like the KASK helmet, Roeckl summer gloves and the Philipa belt from Toggi.

Finally, step into your Mountain Horse Sovereign high rider boots for your ride and bring all your essentials for supporting your friends in this gorgeous brown leather tote bag from Kamila Lima.

Have a stylish ride!


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