Rose Quartz and Serenity

Pantone was right

Late 2015 Pantone released the colours for 2016: Rose Quartz – a blush pinky hue and Serenity – baby blue at it’s best. You know what? They were right, this colour combo results in a great spring/summer #rootd.

The Markus Lupfur blossom lightweight bomber is the ultimate Rose Quartz and Serenity combo, which goes perfectly with some technical and super stylish Struck Apparel breeches (check out the perfect Serenity coloured details!).

Rock your C4 belt in this wonderful shade of baby blue with this outfit, or with any other, as on the c4 belt website you can pick and choose your own belt and buckle combo’s. Even better, now you can get 10% off when you use ‘C4TSE10’ code. Go shop!

Finish off the look with some darker shades of blue, like with this Roxy ‘oh my goodness’ top, the blue Roeckl light grip gloves, the gorgeous and comfortable Antares helmet (it’s the only one that fits my melon properly) and last but not least the stunning De Niro blue navy grain calfskin leather, with patent leather arched top and crystal Swarovski clasp detail.

Have a stylish ride!



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