Take some time to breath


Just another manic Monday? Not enough enough time to breath, let alone time to change clothes between your yoga class and horse riding? No worries, with this look you can do both, just a quick change in accessories and you’re good to go.

Start of with the exquisite Aztec Diamond Equestrian technical leggings that can do triple duty as yoga pants, riding breeches and lounge wear. Layer a Stella McCartney tank top (she’s big on yoga and horses – we love her style!) underneath the classic Namaste on my horse T shirt from 20×60 and finish it off with a super comfy and stylish Bench black zip hoodie.

Swapping out some essential accessories will help you save time, do it all, and look great while doing it. Do not leave the house without a statement baseball cap to hide helmet and yoga hair, this one from Arka Equipe is a perfect swap for your Shagreen glossy black Antares helmet. A great pair of kicks to exchange for your Uniqcorn custom boots are the black and white New Balance sneakers.

Throw your Roeckl gloves, Novica yoga mat bag, Mala necklace (handmade and unique by Malatopia) and other accessories into you Day Birger et Mikkelsen Gweneth mesh sports bag and you’re ready to face a busy week Ohm style.

Have a stylish ride (and breath)!





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