Sunday Sun Salutation

Sun salutation

Spring is in the air, the sun is carefully showing it’s self a little bit more and… it’s Sunday, so it’s time for a for a fresh new studio to stable outfit (the Yoga studio that is…). I love doing yoga alongside my riding as it helps calm my mind, sets me up for a busy day and keeps my muscles and tendons supple and stretched.

I am also a lover of making things as simple as possible, so cut out the extra change time from studio to stable by doing it all in this soft and subtle look.

It all starts with a perfect pair of comfortable and stylish rider leggings, like this Dusky Pink limited edition pair by Aztec Diamond Equestrian. Wear it with a matching Adidas by Stella McCartney sports bra and soft pink free flowing T-shirt by Helmut Lang.

Keep warm on the way to the studio or the stable with a Naketano sweater and Polo Ralph Lauren quilted down vest and bring all you need in this gorgeous Sam Edelman Women’s Emilee Yoga mat tote bag.

The bag will easily fit a pair of brown Roeckl grip gloves, your yoga mat, a matching KEP Italia Helmet and a custom handmade Shakti Mala necklace for your meditation practice (or just as a pretty accessory) by Malatopia.

When at the barn, change your Bally leather Helliot sneakers for a pair of chocolate brown Tucci Harley boots and you’re relaxed and ready for your ride!

Namaste and have a stylish ride!


Weekend warrior one

Weeekend warrior 1

Go straight from your yoga class, holding onto the feeling of the relaxing strength of your warrior one pose, to the barn for a wonderful weekend ride!

I love how yoga practice helps me stay flexible for my rides and teaches me calm to be able work at my best with my horses. The current athleisure wear trend makes it even easier to also look you very best while practicing your yoga flow as well as riding your flexibility exercises with your horse in the exact same outfit.

These caramel colored Ice fill tech riding tights by Kerrits are great as yoga pants as well as riding breeches, not to mention also being incredibly comfortable and stylish. Wear them with an Emerald green New Balance Newbury tank top and a Naketano Family Bizz VII zip hoodie.

Bring your yoga and rider essentials, like your Manduka emerald green mat, your Malatopia mala necklace, a mint green boho scarf and a pair of Roeckl gloves, in a Patagonia Headway tote bag.

Head over to the barn in you Nike Thea slip on sneakers and when there, change into your Petrie Superior classic boots and pop on the KEP Italia caramel colored helmet to finish of the look.

Have a wonderful weekend and a stylish ride!

Monday flow

Monday flowMonday’s are not easy, and getting back into the flow can sometimes be a bit challenging, so here’s a #rootd that’ll get you back into the weekly swing of things.

If you are anything like me, then you’ll also have the slight issue of equestrian style tight hips. That’s why I regularly go to yoga classes to not only help loosen up the joints, but also put me in a calm state of mind to juggle life, business and barn.

I’m loving the way the ‘athleisure’ trend has crossed over into the equestrian world and how more and more band are bringing us multifunctional and super comfortable riding breeches that work just fine as yoga and or lounge wear. The Horze Leah UV Pro summer breeches in this beautiful shade of mauve are a perfect example. Wear it with a crisp white Vince tank top over a PINK Victoria’s Secret Ultimate cage front sports bra and under a comfortable PrAna Daniele sweater. Switch from Yoga mat to horse with a pair of extremely comfortable and sporty Alberto Fasciani style 103 showjumping boots and of course protect your head in style with a velvet finish custom KEP Italia helmet.

Bring all you yoga and barn essentials with you in the Stella McCartney x ADIDAS sports bag and don’t forget to accessorise your look with a matching Mala necklace. This one is called ‘Intuition’ and is hand made especially for you by Malatopia in Switzerland.

Go with the Monday flow and have a stylish ride!

Special edition: The stylish equestrian for Kayla Stra

Kayla Stra final 1

Kayla Stra
, is one of those extremely remarkable and inspirational women who really can do it all: she’s a successful jockey, yoga instructor and mom.

Kayla Stra 5Kayla Stra was born in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, where she launched her career in horseracing prior to moving to California in Late 2007. From a very young age, Kayla has been interested in horses, having talked her parents into buying her a pony when she was eight years old. When she was young, Kayla worked at racing stables and eventually bought her first horse—a Thoroughbred named Gurtie, which she trained on her own for picnic races (unregistered race horses) before getting her certificate in racing.

Kayla Stra 6Kayla racked up approximately 500 victories in her native country and became the “poster girl” for Australian horseracing. Now, she continues that success in the much larger US market (only taking a little break to have her son and returning to the US racing circuit in 2013). Racing in California, Kayla had won many prominent races like the notable victory  at Santa Anita on 49–1 longshot Paddin’ Mud. In addition, Kayla scored an opening day victory at Del Mar with King Ledley, and then scored another victory with the same horse within three weeks.

During 2009-2010 Kayla was featured on Animal planets’ reality TV show Jockeys .

Kayla Stra 3In 2010 she found Hot Yoga while racing in San Francisco, which was a life changing experience: she was able to give up medication and found pain relief  through yoga for a sciatic nerve coming from her L5 disc from years of riding. She felt the needed for more knowledge of the practice and wanted to share it with others, that’s why she completed a certification to teach yoga in 2014.
Currently based in Southern California with her beautiful family, she opened Santa Anita Hot Yoga Studio in a hope to share what she thinks is such a powerful and important experience of practicing yoga.
Kayla is very passionate about rider safety and strongly supports the Ride Safe bracelets: they are bracelets for First Responders to take fast action in a riding accident. Learn about them here: Ride Safe.
Like her style? Here’s all the info you’ll need to get the same look:
Goode rider seamless designer knee patch leggings are the best cross over item: they work for both riding and yoga and are perfect for Kayla’s busy lifestyle. Sporty, functional and sophisticated is what Kayla loves most, that’s why we’ve combined her superfunctional breeches with a sporty Nike performance Pro Fierce sports bra and an elegant Athleta sugar wash T shirt.
Kayla loves a good pop of colour, which is why we brought the neon green of the Nike sports bra back in her H&M Baseball cap and SSG riding gloves. Then we added some sophisticated silver touches in the Charles Owen pro II skull cap and a B. Makowsky large tote bag: essential for all the riding, yoga and kids gear Kayla carries around daily.
A quick change from her super sporty Alberto Fasciani boots into a pair of TOMS, sets her up for a great day.
No #rootd is complete for Kayla without a matching Ride Safe bracelet, available in many styles and colours, to match any look.
Have a stylish ride!
ps Happy 4th of July!!


Take some time to breath


Just another manic Monday? Not enough enough time to breath, let alone time to change clothes between your yoga class and horse riding? No worries, with this look you can do both, just a quick change in accessories and you’re good to go.

Start of with the exquisite Aztec Diamond Equestrian technical leggings that can do triple duty as yoga pants, riding breeches and lounge wear. Layer a Stella McCartney tank top (she’s big on yoga and horses – we love her style!) underneath the classic Namaste on my horse T shirt from 20×60 and finish it off with a super comfy and stylish Bench black zip hoodie.

Swapping out some essential accessories will help you save time, do it all, and look great while doing it. Do not leave the house without a statement baseball cap to hide helmet and yoga hair, this one from Arka Equipe is a perfect swap for your Shagreen glossy black Antares helmet. A great pair of kicks to exchange for your Uniqcorn custom boots are the black and white New Balance sneakers.

Throw your Roeckl gloves, Novica yoga mat bag, Mala necklace (handmade and unique by Malatopia) and other accessories into you Day Birger et Mikkelsen Gweneth mesh sports bag and you’re ready to face a busy week Ohm style.

Have a stylish ride (and breath)!