Sunday Sun Salutation

Sun salutation

Spring is in the air, the sun is carefully showing it’s self a little bit more and… it’s Sunday, so it’s time for a for a fresh new studio to stable outfit (the Yoga studio that is…). I love doing yoga alongside my riding as it helps calm my mind, sets me up for a busy day and keeps my muscles and tendons supple and stretched.

I am also a lover of making things as simple as possible, so cut out the extra change time from studio to stable by doing it all in this soft and subtle look.

It all starts with a perfect pair of comfortable and stylish rider leggings, like this Dusky Pink limited edition pair by Aztec Diamond Equestrian. Wear it with a matching Adidas by Stella McCartney sports bra and soft pink free flowing T-shirt by Helmut Lang.

Keep warm on the way to the studio or the stable with a Naketano sweater and Polo Ralph Lauren quilted down vest and bring all you need in this gorgeous Sam Edelman Women’s Emilee Yoga mat tote bag.

The bag will easily fit a pair of brown Roeckl grip gloves, your yoga mat, a matching KEP Italia Helmet and a custom handmade Shakti Mala necklace for your meditation practice (or just as a pretty accessory) by Malatopia.

When at the barn, change your Bally leather Helliot sneakers for a pair of chocolate brown Tucci Harley boots and you’re relaxed and ready for your ride!

Namaste and have a stylish ride!


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