Union Jack

Union Jack.png

Just back from a wonderful trip in the UK, still with the Union Jack on my mind, I was browsing through Instagram and came across this super cool new UK brand Chillout Horseware with their fabulous Union Jack inspired items.

I chose the denim Chillout Horseware knee-grip breeches for this look today and tried to find as many UK brand to complete the look. How about this horseshoe print button-up shirt by Rydale? Or… a showstopping red vest by UK queen of style and horse lover Stella McCartney?

OK, I had to cheat a little bit with the Ralph Lauren cable knit V neck sweater, but still, it’s a nod to English heritage style, right?

I’ve accessorized the look today with some more UK brands like the Fairfax and Favor navy Windsor handbag, a pair of Hunter Boots short Chelsea boots and the Charlotte Dujardin inspired Charles Owen AYR8 helmet in the Union Jack colors.

The, to finish off the look, I added a pair of Brogini boots, which might sound Italian, but they are actually part of the UK John Whitaker brand, a Ted Baker black belt, and a pair or Roeckl gloves.

Now, in true UK style: keep calm and ride on in style!



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