Red velvet layer cake


Any good red velvet cake is made up out of scrumptious layers of red forest fruit, soft sponge cake and a sprinkling of dark chocolate. Same goes for this Red velvet layer cake #rootd.

The Tredstep 3rd symphony knee patch breeches in a soft beige shade are is the base layer of your red velvet look. Add on a casual Mountain Khakis Women’s Penny Plaid Shirt, with over that a Rock springs vest by Athleta and add on the last layer for a splash of fresh fruity color with a lightweight J.O.T.T. Chloe terra cotta down jacket.

Add a few more fruity velvety items like the Lacoste premium chantaco coated belt, a Rebecca Minkoff scarf and a Moschino hot pink backpack.

Top it all off with some chocolate details like the KEP Italia Cromo T polish matt helmet, a pair of SSG Gloves and the sporty and functional Alberto Fasciani Pedaso jumping / field boot.

Have a stylish ride!



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