Winter love story

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 13.12.58

There is just something about winter fashion: the colors, the lovely layers… I love it! In the theme of the previous post, I’m sharing my latest winter fashion love story with you.

It started a few years ago when I ordered a pair of Equithème Verona breeches and literally never ever wanted to take them off: great quality, fit and an amazingly reasonable price.

This season a friend of mine brought the brand back to my attention and my love for Equithème was instantly reignited. Check out my absolute top favorites form this year’s Autumn / Winter collection and tell me which one is your favorite here on the blog, on Instagram or on Facebook.


Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 13.13.13

  1. Full seat silicone breeches “Glam” in Bordeaux
  2. Zip sweater in black
  3. Reversible vest Prune / Ecru
  4. Sequined “let’s go Riding” long sleeve shirt in Ecru
  5. Rose Gold “Elegance” helmet
  6. Logo gloves “Cutting” in black
  7. Field boots “Competition” in black








Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 13.13.27

  1. Full seat denim breeches “TEXAS”
  2. Polo long sleeve technical training shirt
  3. Zip Sweater in Ecru
  4. Hooded zip vest black
  5. Rose Gold “Elegance” helmet
  6. Logo gloves “Cutting” in black
  7. Field boots “Competition” in black







SHOP your favorite Equithème look at your local retailer (find yours HERE) or check out your online or local PADD shop (sponsor of our Swiss Equestrian blogger team)

Have a stylish ride!


One stop shop

Ariat one stop shop winter 1819

One of my favorite brands Ariat, is one of my favorite brands because whenever they launch a new collection, there is always something there that I love for any and every aspect of the equestrian life: Street, Stable, and Show. Some items work wonderfully in any situation: show shirts and jackets are great classy and comfortable business attire and a cotton V neck can work for any occasion.

So, if you’re looking to do a one-stop-shop for your winter must-haves, look no further! Here’s an overview of some of my favorites, but there are many many more love items that did not quite fit with these looks, but are absolutely wonderful too (check out the new Ariat Fuse plus sneakers or the Tassel cruiser range or the many cute prints in the sun shirts or the Lowell 1/4 zip tops or…. well everything…).

Ariat street aw1819


Ariat Navy Artico show coat

Ariat Blue cloud strip Marquis show shirt

Ariat Heather grey cotton Ramiro sweater

Ariat Coastal Fjord heritage elite full seat breech

Ariat Chocolate Sutton waterproof boot

Ariat Navy Core large totebag



Ariat stable aw1819



Ariat Navy Epic jacket

Ariat Flow print Lowell 2.0 1/4 zip base layer

Ariat Heather grey cotton Ramiro sweater

Ariat Coastal Fjord heritage elite full seat breech

Ariat Bromont H20 zip insulated paddock boot

Ariat Close contour show chap



Ariat show aw1819


Ariat Navy Artico show coat

Ariat Blue cloud strip Marquis show shirt

Ariat Heather grey cotton Ramiro sweater

Ariat White Tri-Factor full seat breeches

Ariat black stirrup belt

Ariat black Air grip gloves

Ariat team carry all tote bag

Ariat FEI Monaco LX dressage boots zip



Have a stylish ride!

Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Gunes Ozturk Yilmaz

Gunes final
Meet Gunes Ozturk Yilmaz, an avid rider, accomplished showjumper, high profile editor, entrepreneur, fashionista and all-round stylish equestrian.
Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 10.53.02Gunes only got bitten by the horse-love bug a little bit later on in life, but when she discovered how much she loved everything horse, she went full in and now owns 3 beautiful Selle Francaise mares which are stabled at the Kemer Country club in Istanbul.
Gunes had a brief riding experience when she was a kid and was the first person in the family to have ever touched a horse, however after about 12-15 lessons she had a nasty fall and decided that horse riding was maybe not for her. She did, in fact, try again when he was a teenager, but couldn’t quite get back into it wholeheartedly: ” I loved horses but I wasn’t ready for the hard work back then” Gunes told us.
It all came back to her again when her 20 years younger sister started riding club ponies and her sister was given a pony by their father. “I went to the club see the pony, fell in love and the next day I was back on a horse,” Gunes said. She has been riding ever since.
Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 10.55.33Gunes is lucky enough to live only 3km away from where her 3 mares are stabled (a luxury with Istanbul traffic!)  and can only describe her barn life as very interesting 🙂
She rides in a big club with a lot of competition horses mainly focussed on showjumping and nowadays they have a competition nearly every two weeks. There are a handful of friendly people luckily, but she would definitively describe the atmosphere as competitive at times.
A lot of the horse owners take advantage of the fact that the club offers groom services (just show up and hop on your horse kind of service), but Gunes really enjoys caring for her mares herself whenever she has the time in her busy schedule.
The Kemer Country club is not just a riding club, they also have tennis courts, basketball court, and a huge golf course, and Gunes embraced the opportunity to start playing tennis alongside her riding: “Tennis is fun, you burn a lot of energy, you think about the game, and you learn how to make strategies. It’s not just hitting the ball, you have to play it like a chess game.” said Gunes. “It’s a great work-out, combining blasting sprints and stamina, which are both super to support a showjumpers physical requirements”.
Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 10.56.21Gunes has become quite successful showjumping with her mares in a very short time, winning more than 20 first places and many many more top 10 placements. She loves to keep improving her technique and set higher goals every single time she enters the show ring. All thanks to motivation, perseverance and her 3 lovely Selle Francaise mares Qraft (14), Reinette (13) and Soie (12). She bought all three of them with her old coach and at the same seller in France. All three of them have their superpowers:
Qraft is super easy, super fun, super calm and super everything. She doesn’t have a great technique but wins on sheer willpower: “we won over 20 first places with Qraft when I first started competing. Qraft is also great for photoshoots, kid friendly, basically bomb proof!” according to Gunes.
Reinette was not an easy horse but they found a way to “click”. Now she’s super easy on flatwork and competitions and Gunes is easily winning 115cm shows with her. At first, Reinette was scared of a lot of things, but now she’s like Qraft: bomb proof… well almost 😉
Soie is a bit more of a diva: during flatwork she’s scared of everything, the true definition of a spooky mare but once you start jumping, she doesn’t care about anything and she doesn’t mind jumping sky high. Gunes happily endures all the sass and tantrums because she’s also an angel in forest walk and hacking.
Gunes loves following the latest styles and besides her work as managing editor of LOG magazine (a popular Turkish technology magazine), she loves to put her creativity, background in fashion design and photography (having studied Fashion Design in London and Photography and Video in Istanbul) to good use too.
Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 10.54.34Not only does she create lots of crafty things like decorating saddle pads, making her own browbands and designing stable curtains for friends, she also enjoys designing team logos and has now combined her love for her editing profession with her love for style and horses which she showcases on her personal Instagram but also on her equestrian blog: Correctlead.
She found herself writing short reviews to friends about the latest products, and her friends actually encouraged her to share the same reviews on a website. Since testing and reviewing is what she does professionally, she decided to give it a try. She absolutely loves how her profession and passions come together this way and wished she’s started it sooner, hoping to make it into her full-time career one day.
Like Gunes’ style? Here are all the details about the look we put together for her today:
One of her all-time favorite must-have items is the Asmar Equestrian All Weather Rider, especially because it comes in her favorite shade of Olive green. We’ve combined it with a stylish Theory silk twill blouse and classy beige Ariat breeches, for a sleek office to stable look. We added a burgundy Dubarry classic V-neck sweater and a Missoni vintage scarf for a touch of style. Gunes is all about styling up her look with the right accessories and today we went for a beautiful Dalton’s equestrian style belt and the opportunity to swap her favorite KASK helmet a stylish Hicks & Brown hat for after her ride. Same goes for the boots: she likes to keep her Tucci Marylin boots clean by swapping them out after her ride for a pair of chic and comfortable loafers like this olive green pair by Bass Weejuns. Then, we finished off the look with a pair of beige Roeckl gloves, Prada classic sunglasses and a Dimacci competition bag to bring all of her equestrian essentials to the barn.
Hope you like Gunes’ style and make sure to follow her personal Instagram and Correctlead blog!
Have a stylish ride!

Highland green

Highland green.png

Travelling is always one of the best sources of inspiration for any kind of outfit. Today, I’m sharing a bit of love for the Highlands with you as we are currently traveling through stunning and fascinating Scotland.

Tartan is part of the deeprooted Scottish heritage and history and makes for a wonderful accent to a stylish and classic equestrian outfit. Barbour makes some wonderful wool blend tartan scarves like this green, beige and blue one. Add the scarf to a classic and timeless Ralph Lauren creamy beige cashmere turtleneck sweater, a pair of brown Horka Atlanta II ladies breeches and navy blue Miasuki Maya zip sweater vest.

Pick up some hints of the heavenly highland green with a pair of custom suede Petrie dressage boots,  highstreet faux suede belt and a matching PS of Sweden grooming bag (in Capulet green).

Complete the look with a pair of navy blue Roeckl gloves and matching KEP Italia helmet.

Right, that’s it from me for today, back to enjoying my Scottish Highland adventure!

Have a stylish ride!

Basic B&B

Basic B&B

Slowly but surely the spring styles are trickling into the online shops: lovely colors, lightweight layers, and super new styles… but… it’s still frosty where I am, so we’re still in full-on winter mode here at stylish equestrian HQ. Take the opportunity to stock up on some winter basics in Burgundy and Blue during the sales right now, as not only are they this seasons hottest ticket, but they will be back again next winter season too!

A no miss street-to-stable item is this comfy casual Kingsland Chisasib rider leggings, perfectly paired with a retro style Stella Jean color block polo sweater. Add a blue J. Crew mountain puffer vest for your ride and bundle up with a Burgundy colored Dubarry Barrington waterproof hooded jacket.

If I ever win the lottery, the first thing I will splurge on is a pair of Burgundy colored lace-up boots like this Primus Pro pair by Cavallo and find a super cute bag to match like this crossbody bag by Sienna Jones. Then, keep your boots clean and gorgeous by changing into a pair of Timberland teddy fleece lined fold-down boots around the stables.

Finish your look with some basic blue equestrian must-haves like the KEP Italia Cromo smart helmet and a pair of SSG gloves.

Have a stylish ride!

Painted Gold

Painted Gold

I absolutely love watching the gold rush of the winter Olympics and will be glued to the tv for the next two weeks following all fo the glorious winter sports (yes, I also enjoy watching non-horsie sports).

Today I decided to add a splash of gold to a street-to-stable look for a warmer winter’s day. This week I received the beautiful House of Horses Helsinki limited edition body warmer in the mail and it was love at first sight. It looks super cute with a white and pink striped Osvaldo cashmere sweater by Max Mara and a pair of perfect street-to-stable Kudamono knee grip denim breeches.

Add a splash of gold to your look with a vintage Gucci Ivory and Gold logo scarf and a pair of matching De Niro custom boots.

Pick up on the pink accents in the bodywarmer and sweater with a Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti belt, matching Rebecca Minkoff metallic phone case and Puma sneakers.

Then, match your One K Defender helmet to your Roeckl Lisboa gloves and you’re ready to ride.

Have a great Sunday, enjoy all the fabulous sports hand have a stylish ride!

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine

Writing to you this morning from my hotel room in Cologne, getting ready for my second day at the international equestrian trade fair SPOGA. Soon I’ll bring you a set as always with my SPOGA favorites, but for now, I’d thought I’d share a look inspired by the early morning winter sunshine shining through my hotel room window at the moment.

I love how warm yellow accent can brighten up any classic street-to-stable look and was very happy to find this cute Karen Millen striped knit sweater with the warm yellow shoulder patches. It’s great when worn with a pair of Pro Riding Gear black Project No.1 riding breeches (which are not only exceptionally good technical breeches, but also look great in a street style outfit). Add on a classy Kingsland Vidalia bodywarmer and accessorize your look with some matching grey rider essentials like the Kep Italia Cromo T helmet, a pair of Uvex Sportstyle gloves and custom Petrie grey croco polo style boots.

To take this look from stable to street, exchange your boots for a pair of yellow Converse high tops, shade your eyes from the low rising winter sun with a pair of Alice + Olivia sunglasses, a Samoe and Samsoe scarf and last but not least a matching yellow tweed and silver Morris Richardson watch.

You can now get this Morris Richardson watch, or any other model that you might fall in love with, with a special ‘Stylish Equestrian’ discount of 15% when using the code TSE15 at check-out. SHOP HERE NOW

Have a stylish ride!



Working 9 to 5

Working 9 to 5.png

“Workin’ 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin’ ” yeah, Dolly Parton got it right, we all wish we could be at the barn with our four-legged darlings all the time, but a girl’s gotta work to pay the vet, hay, feed, farrier, equestrian fashion, saddle pad addiction…. well you know, the endless list of glorious horse lovers’ costs.

So, if you do find yourself running from the business meeting to the bakery to the barn and back again, better make sure you do it in style.

We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy the very first rays of early spring sunshine over here and this immediately puts me into a springtime color mood incorporating lots of oranges and pinks into a still warm and functional street-to-stable #rootd.

Denim breeches are always a good way to take an equestrian outfit straight from the street to the stable, especially if they are as cute and classy as this pair of Cavallo Chaya grip breeches. Wear them with a bright orange Astraet turtleneck sweater and layer this super cute Patrizia Pepe tailored lightweight floral print down jacket on top.

For the street style part of the look, wear a pair of cognac suede New Balance sneakers to match your vintage Hermès belt and top it off with a pair of Illesteva blue toned aviator shades. Bring your office with you in style wherever the day might take you (barns are great remote working spaces, I promise!) with a computer bag and laptop cover to match your look.

For your ride, swap your sneaker for a pair of classic cognac colored polo style boots by Petrie, wear you matching Hauke Schmidt Arabella gloves and top it off with a blue One K Defender Helmet.

Wishing you a successful working week and a stylish ride!

Retro Rules!

Retro Rules!

Lovin’ the retro style items in the collection of Horseware this season, especially this super cute long sleeve knit top (that 70’s show anyone?), which was the inspiration for this retro look today.

This sweater looks great with a retro style denim jacket (everyone has a denim jacket in their wardrobe, right? Why not wear it to the barn!!) by New Look: cute, affordable and washable ;). This would also be a great look for a pair of beige breeches, like this classic Olympia pair by Ariat and of course you should add on a burnt orange retro looking lightweight down vest by Uniqlo for warmth and style.

Accessorize the look for a bit more of a street style edge with a burnt orange blanket style scarf by Weekday. For your ride, add some chocolate brown rider essentials to you look like the Charles Owen suede retro style GR8 helmet, a pair of Ariat Heritage contour field boots and a matching vintage belt. Then, change it up a little bit with a pair of Navy blue Roeckl gloves and finish off the retro style with a super practical and stunning PS of Sweden premium blue grooming bag.

Have a stylish ride!

Winter bloom

Winter bloom

I seem to be a bit obsessed with floral themed #rootd’s lately. It is, however, one of the ways I get through those dark winter days: bring some flowers into your home, stable or riding outfit and your mood is instantly lifted and brightened.

Sometimes it pays out to have a look outside of the regular equestrian sports offering and check out the ‘regular’ activewear section because then you might come across one of these gems like the Fenty x PUMA by Rihanna reversible mint bomber jacket with beautiful winter blossom print. Wear it with the pretty and practical Ariat Ideal down vest in the shade clothespin and an HV Polo blush pink Maddy turtleneck sweater.

Highlight the shades of green in the bomber jacket with a pair of Cavallo Calea grip breeches and add a minty blue Alexander McQueen scarf for a touch of style.

This look works best with some chocolate brown rider accessories like a pair of Roeckl grip gloves, Petrie Suede boots, and a matching Uvex Suxxeed Luxury helmet.

This look is perfect for heading straight from the street to the stable if you add a pair of blush pink UGG boots and aptly named “the Horse” watch and a polo lifestyle inspired La Martina Portena crossbody bag for your phone, money, and keys.

Have a stylish ride!