An apple a day…


… keeps the doctor away…. or at least, that’s what they say….

In horseworld this means keep your furry friend happy with an apple a day. Or, you could always wear one in your #rootd with this magnificently fun Fendi apple appliqué bag.

Wear you grey jeans style Cavallo Cindy breeches with a bright yellowy green Jaeger wool ribbed detail sweater and bring along your Ariat team soft-shell jacket for when it gets a bit colder.

Pair your ‘apple a day’ #rootd with a classic black KEP Italia helmet, a bright Casetify phone case and a LS Lisa Sands design black snaffle bit belt.

Finalise your look with a pair of classic Alberto Fasciani dressage boots and SGG Gloves.

Stay healthy and happy and have a stylish ride!


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