Candy apple

Candy apple

Nothing says spring happiness like a pair of Candy apple colored breeches! Don’t you just love this pair by Dada Sport called Armitage rouge? Wear it with an unusually color combo like this light jade green, with an H&M T shirt, a pair Puma platform sneakers and a Liebeskind Grit Suede fringe backpack. And of course top it of with this beautiful floral print vest for Madeleine.

I love the way these HKM Valencia boots are both stylish and affordable and they fit perfectly with a stunning GPA First Lady 2X helmet, a Rebecca Ray bit belt and a pair of Hauke Schmidt Touch of Class gloves.

Finish of your look with another  candy apple accessories like a pair of Matthew Williamson sunglasses.

Have a stylish ride!


An apple a day…


… keeps the doctor away…. or at least, that’s what they say….

In horseworld this means keep your furry friend happy with an apple a day. Or, you could always wear one in your #rootd with this magnificently fun Fendi apple appliqué bag.

Wear you grey jeans style Cavallo Cindy breeches with a bright yellowy green Jaeger wool ribbed detail sweater and bring along your Ariat team soft-shell jacket for when it gets a bit colder.

Pair your ‘apple a day’ #rootd with a classic black KEP Italia helmet, a bright Casetify phone case and a LS Lisa Sands design black snaffle bit belt.

Finalise your look with a pair of classic Alberto Fasciani dressage boots and SGG Gloves.

Stay healthy and happy and have a stylish ride!