Special Edition: the stylish equestrian for Gina Monaci


gina-monaci-1Meet Gina Monaci, aka #thechicequestrian: make-up artist to the stars, equestrian fashionista and all round fabulously chic lady.

Gina grew up in a small suburb of Los angeles, and never imagined she would be at the barn of her dreams and owning the horse of her dreams.  As a single mother balancing career, kid and horse it is nonstop craziness, but she manages with style and flair. She had the amazing experience of going to Belgium last year to buy her current horse “Happy Boy” (a very handsome 17.1 chestnut Belgian warmblood).  Gina is very “hands on” with her boy as opposed to the past when she’d often could hand off her horse to a groom.  When she had her last horse she wanted to learn how to actually take care of it properly and this has enabled her to take the best care of her Happy Boy.

gina-monaci-2Although she has owned and ridden many horses throughout her life, she’s never showed until 4 years ago on her last horse. Gina loves competing and adores the winning spirit among her barn mates. Some of her favorite riders  right now are Edwina Tops Alexander and Jessica Springsteen for their amazing riding and style. Also Penelope Leprovost and Reed Kessler are among Gina’s favourites.

A few of Gina’s style favourites include  Hermes: “it’s the only belt I wear”, Aztec Diamond Equestrian, Dada sport, Cavalleria Toscana and Miasuki: high end super chic European lines. She also loves to mix in some quality basics from non equestrian brands like Uniqlo: “They do a cotton cashmere sweater super lightweight,  I think I have every color at this point”.

gina-monaci-3As a professional celebrity makeup/hair artist  Gina has to stay on top of the latest trends.   Whether she’s getting someone red carpet ready for the Oscars or turning them into their character for a film or shooting a cover of vogue, people rely on her skills and taste to take care of them.  

She describes her equestrian style as sophisticated chic with a little edge.  She likes simplicity: “Quality over quanity is my motto” she said.  Gina’s non horse friends often react positively to her exquisite equestrian style as most of the time she’ll still be in her riding clothes when heading to a set or shoot.

 Like her style? Here’s all you need to know about Gina’s look:

Chocolate brown is one of Gina’s favourite colors, so we took that as the inspiration for the look. Cavalleria Toscana breeches, paired with a Cavalleria Toscana show shirt lay the base for a great monochromatic look. Add on a Dada sport pink and grey vest for the chilly mornings, and then swap it for a Winston Equestrian show jacket to go meet your ladies for a drink in town.

Parlanti boots, Roeckl gloves, the Black Knight Accessories rider wristlet and of course the signature Hermes belt make for great additions to this chocolate brown look. Gina likes to change out of her boots into a pair of Joules Oxblood Chelsea boots and when it’s a bit fresh outside you’ll see her donning her Kingsland pompom beanie, after taking off her KASK helmet.

We finalised the look with some exceptionally stylish accessories like the peachy dusty pink Stella McCartney tote bag, to carry all the daily essentials like Gina’s favourite Chantecaille hydra chic lipstick in fairy moss and Gina’s outfit would not be complete without her Cartier watch.

Have a stylish ride!


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