The Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games, which kick off today  (5 August), are particularly important for equestrianism as the sport’s popularity will determine its future in the programme of the Olympics.

From 29 July-28 August the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will assess how engaged fans are. The IOC will explore print, broadcast and online coverage, as well as engagement on social media. This will demonstrate how widespread the appeal is of each Olympic event.

This is why today’s #rootd is a the dedicated #twohearts Rio 2016 set to show support to our Olympic heroes stylish equestrian style. If you like it and feel that all equestrian sports should be part of the Olympic programme forever, then please like and share using one or all of the following hashtags: #equestrian, #eventing, #TwoHearts and #JointheJourney

The Rio theme colors offer an opportunity to create a cheerful bright set starting with an Arcteryx Cerium lightweight vest in bright yellow, an Acne studios button down sleeveless top in bright green and a pair of blue B Vertigo Xenius full seat breeches.

Accessorise your Rio look with some classy brown rider must haves like the KASK Dogma gold rimmed helmet, brown Roeckl gloves and a pair of Kempkens brown lace up riding boots.

Finalize the look with some going for Rio gold accessories like the limited edition pampeano Brazilian flag polo belt, the Puma Brasil baseball cap, a pair of gold #twohearts sunglasses and last but not least a pair of funky gold Converse high tops.

Have a stylish ride!


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