Happy Holidays!!!


Are you ready for the holidays? I am!! Especially with a look that works for sipping eggnog with friends at the christmas market as well as going for a winter ride. All it takes is some super stylish items, a funky christmas themed sweater and some hints of seasonal red cheer.

Wear your Joseph silk red polo under a funky Hollister Xmas Fox sweater and pair it with a pair of sleek classic black ANKY technical casuals Elegance breeches. Layer on the Asmar Equestrian city jacket for both street and stable and keep warm with a Burberry scarf and GAP cable knit double pompom beanie.

Add on another touch of seasonal red with a Michael Kors belt and finish off your Holiday look with a pair of Tucci Harley field boots, a pair of LAG leather gloves and the super chic KASK Dogma light helmet.

Have yourself some wonderful holidays and a very stylish ride!


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