The silver lining

silver lining

It can’t always be beautiful weather. Even summer has a cool day or two. There is a silver lining to these cool days: you get to wear gorgeous layers at work and at the barn.

Another silver lining is, that you can get some more use out of your gorgeous white Miasuki Nara competition breeches, as the are a great substitute for white skinny jeans. Wear them with a beautiful lightweight Pirate sweater from Dada Sport. The whites and greys go amazingly well with this beautiful shade of Burgundy.

The Givenchy biker jacket, Isabel Marant belt, Victoria Beckham sunglasses and De Niro custom boots are exquisite examples of Burgundy statement pieces.

Keep the silver and grey going with your Roeckl gloves, One K Defender glossy black helmet and stunning MCM reversible shopper.

Have a stylish ride!


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