Toffee and turquoise

Toffee and turquoise

This must be one of my favorite summer color combinations: sweet toffee and tasty turquoise.

Sweet toffee colored accessories are the main ingredient for this #rootd, starting with the stunning Petrie Rome Polo boot, a Hermes signature logo belt, KEP Italia Cromo T helmet, Miu Miu shoulder bag and a pair of SW Global eyewear Ortonville Soho toffee rimmed sunglasses.

These Eurostar breeches are a neutral shade, but have an exceptionally edgy twist with this beautiful subtle snake print.

Finish of the look with tasty hints of turquoise with a Lucky Lu Milano cardigan layered over a Banana Republic sleeveless white shirt, an HV Polo cap and a pair of Dubarry of Ireland boat shoes.

Have a stylish ride!