Piaffe to pool

Piaffe to pool

We’ve been enjoying some absolutely gorgeous summer days over here – how about you?

The best thing after training a few horses in this the heat is the prospect of being able to dive in a nice cool pool after a long day. One way to maximise you pool time is to already bring your pool look with you to the barn.

Start off with a pair of light colored breeches (cooler in the sunshine than dark colors) like this pair by HV Polo. Wear it with a bright colored top like the turquoise Blumarine tank top and a pink Shop Hunt Club Derby belt.

Ride in style with caramel colored rider essentials like the KEP Italia helmet, a pair of Hauke Schmidt gloves and Stivaleria Secchiari boots.

When you’re ready to head to the pool, swap your helmet for a gorgeous customised Riata designs hat, your boots for a pair of Havaianas flip-flops (never around the horses though, you want to keep your toes!), your breeches for a pair of Rag & Bone denim shorts and throw your horse print John Robshaw beach towel as well as you PF50+ into your matching Roxy Got Rhythm straw beat tote.

Have a stylish ride and enjoy the summer sun!


4 seasons in 1 day

4 seasons in one day

4 seasons in 1 day, that’s exactly the weather we had over here over the past couple of days. Bright blue spring skies with a gentle warm sun followed by gusts of wind, rain and even snow. Best be prepared for everything with this super versatile street to stable all season look.

This outfit not only incorporates some of my personal favourites, but also shows off my absolute all season favourite color combinations.

Let’s starts with he star of the show: the Asmar Equestrian ‘all weather rider’ in navy blue. You might have seen it pass by in a few of my posts or have read the product review (if not, do so HERE). This jacket really is your 4 seasons in 1 day best friend: lightweight enough to layer, warm enough to ride through cold gusts of wind and it will keep you dry when caught in an unexpected spring shower.

You’ve probably also seen me wearing my favourite brown vest over a mustard colored top quite a few times, here are some options for you to wear the same kind of look: The Horze Lara vest is a beautiful shade of brown and goes great with the Park Cross shirt. Wear it all with a pair of Asmar Equestrian super chic denim breeches and with a pair of my favorite Roeckl equestrian grip gloves.

Complete the look with some stylish dark brown ride accessories like the Tucci Harley field boots, a Frame Denim belt and Samshield shadow mat helmet (I have it in blue and LOVE it!)

Just a few more accessories to make this look extra versatile and stylish: a super cute ‘evil eye’ scarf by Slater Zorn for warmth and style and a pair of Rönner design customisable monogram slipper for the ultimate street to stable look.

Have a stylish ride!