The silver lining

The silver lining

It’s Monday, it’s cold, grey and rainy… but yet, there’s a silver lining to all of this: you get to wear lots of lovely stylish layers to the barn in beautiful shades of silver and purple today.

I’m absolutely in love with the BR Equestrian Miranda full seat breeches and Titania base layer top in this lovely shade of purple. Add on that silver lining with an ANKY Technical Casuals dark grey vest and matching silver jacket.

Keep warm before and after you ride with a North Face purple beanie and a pair of silver-grey classic short UGG boots and take that high jump wearing your One K Defender helmet and super sporty De Niro L452 showjumping boots.

Finish off this winter style with a GAP black woven belt to match the boots and a pair of grey Roeckl grip gloves.

Stay warm and have a stylish ride!

Irish rain

Irish weather

We have been blessed with the most gorgeous Indian summer weather over the past few weeks, but now, unfortunately, that rainy, chilly, dark and cold autumn weather has finally reared its ugly head.

But you know what they say: bad weather doesn’t exist, just bad clothing. And for us equestrians outdoors in the mud and rain a lot, we really do depend on the quality of our clothing to remain, dry, comfortable, active and …. stylish.

I was recently introduced to a new Irish brand called Georgia in Dublin that specializes in exactly that: comfortable, functional and above all stylish rainwear to keep us equestrians going during those blustery, rainy days.

Today I have featured the ‘Dublette’ by Georgia in Dublin in Vineyard green: elegant riding wear that can be made to fit over any type of clothing and keeps you dry in the saddle. I decided to pair it with the Horze Grand Prix Silicone seat navy breeches and a classic cream cable knit sweater by Ralph Lauren. I’ve continued the green and blue theme with a navy blue Uvex Suxxeed Glamour helmet, a pair of Tory Burch ‘Stormy’ rain booties for before and after your ride and a super stylish and warm Gucci rose patch checked scarf.

Classic cognac color for leather goods is always a good idea, especially with this Irish rain look. I’ve added a pair of Petrie Polo boots, a signature Hermès belt, a pair of Hauke Schmidt Arabella gloves and a Valentino Rockstud crossbody bag to bring your keys and phone to the barn in style.

Stay dry and have a stylish ride!

Wintery walks

Wintery walks

Whether you’re planning on a walk in the hills with your dog, are going for a quick coffee with friends on a chilly day or heading straight to the barn, this look will let you do all in comfort and style.

A pair of dark denim full seat breeches like the Cavallo Cira, is the ideal street-to-stable item, as they would look great as a pair of regular skinny jeans too. Especially if you wear them with a sophisticated stirrup print Fior da Liso Paua blouse and a lightweight baby blue Rochas V neck sweater over the top.

Get ready for the chill with a Quilted luscious brown Husky jacket, a pair of thermal Ariat Colliston H2O boots, which are great for walking and hiking the muddy moors as well as a casual wintery ride, Hauke Schmidt ‘touch of class’ gloves (not only nice for riding) and a Eugenia Kim Marley beanie for warmth and helmet hair management after taking off your KEP Italia Cromo smart blue helmet.

Add on a Pampeano polo belt for the last touch of style and don’t forget to bring along your pony print Stella McCartney Falabella bag for your daily essentials at the barn or in town.

Have a stylish walk or ride!

Winter is coming!

Winter is coming

Ah yes, finally a chance to reference the famous sentence from Game of Thrones: “Winter is coming”. It was the first thing that popped into my head when is saw the beautiful Ice Blue Mary HV Polo jacket especially in combination with the winter sky grey Uniqlo ultralight down vest.

Wear them with a cloudy soft white HV Polo turtleneck sweater and a pair of navy blue Covalliero full seat Techno breeches.

Get winter ready with some matching accessories like the Hauke Schmidt & Magic Tack gloves, a super soft and warm grey Calvin Klein Honeycomb knit beanie and Joules Orna foil printed scarf.

Listen to some tunes and get into the mood for your ride (as well as keeping your ears warm) with a pair of icy blue Urban Ears Plattan headphones and hop on your horse in style with a pair of Kingsley custom light blue lace-up boots and the Uvex Suxxeed Glamour in Navy blue with silver grey accents.

Have a stylish ride!

Basil and Butterscotch

Basil and butterscotch

Not the most usual combination in real life, but it certainly works for this #rootd: Basil, Butterscotch and a bit of Chocolate (hungry yet?).

It all started with one of my absolute must have favorites for theis season: the new Uhip Urban Outdoor bomber jacket. It works for any street to stadle look, is sleek, sophisticated, functional and bang on trend for this year.

I would wear it with a pair of Chocolate brown BR Macy breeches and a cheap and cheerful H&M Butterscotch cable knit sweater. A few high end accessories really add to the ‘street credibility’ of this look like a Steve Alan Camden crossbody bag, a pair of Original Achilles Nabuk Sneakers, a Miss Selfridge pom pom beanie and a Hermès logo belt and matching vintage basil and butterscotch scarf.

Wear it to the stables with a Samshield Miss Shield Chocolate brown helmet, Roeckl Wago winter gloves and a pair of Petrie Significant boots.

Have a stylish Autumn ride!

Basically beautiful

Basicly beautiful

Sometimes going back to basics can bring you the most beautiful contemporary ont rend look. How about a basic yet beautiful cream colored Salvatore Ferrgamo turtleneck sweater paired with some sleek Burgundy Classic Asmar Equestrian breeches?

Add on the ‘basic’ yet stunning black KEP Italia Cromo T helmet and a classic in the Uhip International collection: the black sports jacket (for which you can find a product review right HERE). Keep it simple and classy with a pair of black Cavallo Linus jump boots and  apir of Hirzl Grippp Elite gloves.

Add a few accesories to take the look to the next level like a Ralph Lauren Burgundy cap for before and after your ride, a matching Marc Jacobs Floral Bandana and last but not least the Harry’s Horse Equestre tote bag for all you horse life essentiels.

Have a stylsh rdie!


Into the blue

Into the blue

I don’t know about you, but I’m really into the bright blue that’s part of this season’s Ariat collection. I’ve worn the Ideal Down vest featured in this #rootd and am sure you will be seeing it back many times in my fall/winter #rootd’s over the next few months: bright, beautiful and practical all at the same time.

I paired it with the classic Ariat Olympia full seat beige breeches (both in real life and in this #rootd) and would recommend adding a sleek and contemporary denim Adina shirt by J Brand.

Accessorize the look with an Adi Kissilevich Silk In Love Scarf, a pair Hauke Schmidt Magic Tack embellished gloves, a ‘Blue ribbon’ Shop Hunt Club Derby belt, a Samshield Miss Shield dark blue ladies helmet and a pair of Petrie polo boots.

Add a few street to stable finishing touches with a pair of Ray-Ban club round sunglasses and bring your essentials for a day at the barn with you in a Lodis Audrey Cecily Satchel.

Have a wonderful weekend and a stylish ride!


Mulled wine

Reitsport ch Sep final

There is nothing better than a cup of hot mulled red wine on a cool crisp autumn evening. Why not match your look to this comforting hot treat with some wine red and spiced brown rider essentials. This look is brought to you today in collaboration with, you will find every single item featured in this #rootd on their website.

The hero of this look is the wine red HKM Scotland vest, which is layered perfectly with an HKM Lightweight soft powder mokka windbreaker and a cool Soccx wine red checked blouse.

Add on a pair of dark denim grey Pikeur Elfa full seat breeches and a pair of matching Roeckl dark grey grip gloves.

Add a little bit more spice to your mulled wine look with a pair of Dark brown Cavallo Janne Pro boots, a dark brown KEP Italia Cromo T helmet, and a mulled wine matching ‘Equestrian’ beanie by Horze.

Enjoy your mulled wine responsibly and have a stylish ride!


Boardroom​ to barn


Boardroom to barn

Bring your equestrian lifestyle to that boardroom meeting today, and save yourself some time when heading straight to the barn afterwards by only having to do a few simple switches of items.

Kick off your business week with a pair of Le Fash NY Gotham City breeches: THE ultimate street to stable, or in this case boardroom to barn, item. Wear them with a caramel colored Doncaster Cashmere turtleneck top, a matching Hermès logo belt and a pair of suede Sam Edelman Cora booties. Finish off your boardroom-ready look with an extra hint of equestrian flair in the form of this Elizabeth Kennedy mirrored horse embroidery blazer and bring your laptop and everything else you need for a successful #equinegirlboss day in the Hyde and Hare Foxley cowhide bag.

When heading to the barn, exchange your beautiful blazer with a light beige Joules Minx quilted vest and your booties for a pair of sleek black Cavallo Primus lace-up boots. Top it off with a pair of Roeckl gloves and the sophisticated and sleek Antarès Shagreen glossy helmet and you ready for your ride!

Have a great week and a stylish ride!

Indian summer bloom

Indian summer bloom

Ahh September my fickle friend, just when we think summer is well and truly over, you bring us a beautiful Indian summers’ day and leave us utterly confused on what to wear.

Here’s a casual weekend look that works for chilly mornings as well as Indian summer sunshine.

You can’t ever go wrong with a pair denim breeches, especially if they are as meticulously cut as this Chaya Grip pair by Cavallo. Wear it with a floral Gucci hoodie from their newest collections and layer the newest HKM collection Sienna peachy pink vest over the top.

Add on some classy cognac accessories with a pair Petrie Athene Polo boots, Roeckl grip gloves, a high street skinny belt and the Adi Kissilevich sport snaffle bag. A navy blue helmet works with every single outfit and this Swarovski studded one by Kask is one of my favorites.

Change into a pair of Timberland peachy pink work boots after your ride to add that street to stable edge to your casual Indian summer bloom #rootd.

Have a lovely weekend and a stylish ride!