Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Marie Medosi

Marie Medosi final
imageMeet Marie Medosi: talented musician, dressage professional and stylish equestrian.
Born and raised in Hawaii, Marie started riding when she was 9 years old.  She grew up galloping on the beach of Waimanalo, jumping over 4 feet, running barrels and poles, and competing in Hunter, Jumper, and Dressage recognized competitions. Her parents supported her riding as much as possible, but couldn’t afford a horse, so Marie worked doing barn chores in order to ride as many horses as possible in as many different disciplines as possible.

This experience led her ultimately to a career in dressage, which combined everything she loved in life into one discipline. She worked her way up to a trainers position in one of the top barns in the US located in San Diego, training with Olympians Sue Blinks, Guenter Seidel, Christine Traurig and more.

She now calls San Diego home and continues her own lifelong education in riding here while sharing her knowledge with a diverse group of horses and serious students. Marie also composes dressage freestyles and has a studio to create music that will perfectly suit a rider’s performance. She most recently composed a freestyle for Steffen Peters and Suppenkasper.

imageWith more than 20 years of riding experience with more than 10 years spent in Olympian trainer programs, Marie brings her own intense training experiences into your life. In her own quest for the Olympics, Marie brings a love of horses, a passion for the art of dressage and the sport of riding together. With a music and dance background, she brings a depth of understanding of rhythm, relaxation, technique, refinement, and true basics to the forefront of her training program

Marie’s classic style and work ethic is inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel whom she recalls discussing at length with her grandmother
“Just like I imagine Coco Chanel and many others who clawed their way up the fashion ladder, I was in the trenches for many years, developing my craft as a working student on a farm girls budget.”
 – Marie Medosie

Timeless, simple elegance.

That really sums up Marie’s style. She enjoys balancing the art and sport that is Dressage and appreciates being well dressed in the style of the Equestrian world. Sarm Hippique’s elite collections are close to her heart in superior quality and design and in their story, as the brand developed from a family of seamstresses needing a better option for their equestrian children. They also are from a little town north of Milan, Italy, neighboring her father’s hometown of Cremona. She also loves the reliability of Pikeur’s stitch and longevity of their breeches and Noel Asmar’s various shirt collections.  Marie loves the comfort and fit, and colors of Mastermind’s collections which also never sacrifice elegance.
Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 17.46.21Marie loves a burst of color on an otherwise simple canvas. A deep burgundy, or a dark orange, or various shades of blue or green, which go with her boldly red hair. A deep blue is one of her staples too, and you can never go wrong with the classic black and white combo.
For Marie’s look today we went with some of her favorite brands and color combinations, starting with a pair of burgundy and slate grey Mastermind breeches. We added on a classic Asmar Equestrian training shirt in dark blue with grey detailing and layered on a matching Uniqlo vest. Then, we accessorized her look with her signature Samshield helmet and De Niro boots, a pair of Roeckl grip gloves and a pair of Foot Huggies riding boot socks. We finished off the look with a matching Asmar Equestrian belt and a Kingsland navy and burgundy hat to shield Marie from the sun while teaching outdoors.
Have a stylish ride!

Sky is the limit

Sky is the limit.png

When spring is in the air, the sun is out and you’re with your horses, then the sky really is the limit.

Today, I’m working with some of my new spring favorites. Have you seen the new Kudamono collection? It features this super cute Kudamono Freda denim jacket which is not only super stylish, a great layering item for spring but also…washable! A perfect item to wear anywhere, all the time 🙂

Layer it over this light grey Horseware Lara zip hoodie with subtle spring flower lining and a Kingsland Selma blush pink polo shirt. Mirror the baby blue details in the hoodie with a pair of Horse Pilot X Balance sky blue breeches

Add on some navy blue rider essentials with a shiny KEP Italia helmet, matching Roeckl Lisboa gloves (with added Swarovski bling logo) and Kinglsey custom made Polo style boots.

Swap you helmet for a blush pink Napapijri hat and your boots for a pair of matching Converse and you’re ready to take this look form stable to street.

Have a stylish ride!

Painted Gold

Painted Gold

I absolutely love watching the gold rush of the winter Olympics and will be glued to the tv for the next two weeks following all fo the glorious winter sports (yes, I also enjoy watching non-horsie sports).

Today I decided to add a splash of gold to a street-to-stable look for a warmer winter’s day. This week I received the beautiful House of Horses Helsinki limited edition body warmer in the mail and it was love at first sight. It looks super cute with a white and pink striped Osvaldo cashmere sweater by Max Mara and a pair of perfect street-to-stable Kudamono knee grip denim breeches.

Add a splash of gold to your look with a vintage Gucci Ivory and Gold logo scarf and a pair of matching De Niro custom boots.

Pick up on the pink accents in the bodywarmer and sweater with a Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti belt, matching Rebecca Minkoff metallic phone case and Puma sneakers.

Then, match your One K Defender helmet to your Roeckl Lisboa gloves and you’re ready to ride.

Have a great Sunday, enjoy all the fabulous sports hand have a stylish ride!

Everything is better with a hint of mint

Everything is better with a bit of mint

Freshen up an already cool winter #rootd with some hints of mint this cold January. Lots of street fashion and funky accessories have gone into this riding look, which makes it the ideal street-to-stable or office-to-stable look for those busy back to work days.

I immediately fell in love with this Sportmax Code Geyser horse print sweater and just had to incorporate it into a street-to-stable outfit. I would love to wear this super cute sweater with a fresh minty Uniqlo rayon long sleeve and combine it with a pair of Cavallo Caro denim full seat breeches and a classic black Hugo Boss bomber jacket.

For the ‘street’ part of this street-to-stable ensemble add a pair of mint Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and a matching Barbour scarf.

For your ride, match you Kep Italia grey Cromo T helmet to your Uvex Sport syle winter gloves and grey trimmed Tucci classic Allegri field boots.

Now, for all the fabulous accessories that complete this look: start with minty fresh 90s style scrunchie to hold together your tresses during and after your ride, make sure you smell like winter walks and pine trees with this equestrian lifestyle inspired luxury fragrance 2nd by Daxau Style, then add a few subtle touches of rose gold with a Cluse x Negin Minuit watch and the must-have equestrian item of the year: the horse logo necklace by Desori horse.

Have a stylish ride!

The French connection

The French connection

A winter outfit with a little ‘je ne sais quoi’.

I was searching for a few statement pieces in a warm and wonderful mustard color and came across this Cloe lightweight packable down jacket by Just Over The Top (JOTT), a French brand that has quickly become THE authority in functional and fashionable lightweight down wear.

So, I continued the French connection today with a Pirate top by French brand Dada Sport and a pair of Harcour Eva breeches.

Of course, I had to add the quintessentially French brand Lacoste into the mix with a navy blue belt and burgundy scarf and topped it off with an Antarès Sellier Galaxy helmet.

To finalize this look, I had to search a bit further abroad for the best fitting items like a pair of Hauke Schmidt / Magic Tack gloves (Germany), a Forever 21 mustard colored beanie (US), a pair of Stivaleria Secchiari blue boots (Italy) and last but not least these super cute Ralph Lauren rubber Jodphur boots.

Hope you’re loving the French connection as much as I do!

Bisous, bon weekend and have a stylish ride!

Happy hunting

Happy hunting

Ahh welcome autumn! Fashion hunting season has officially opened! I love this time year when all the new autumn / winter fashion is out in the shops and online and we have loads of looks to choose from to get us through this season in style. My credit card does not quite love hunting season as much as I do, but we’ve managed to find an agreement on the size of the style splurge I’m allowed to do 😉

Out of all the stunning things that are new to the AriatAriat collection, I though I’d show you this one today: the most convenient and stylish layering item (Ideal down vest) now available with the cutest autumn colored hunting print.

Wear it with a cute dark green shirt underneath like this Theory Yulla knit sweater and a pair of classic beige breeches like the Espoir Equestrian Mquette bamboo pair. This autumn hunting look calls for some beautiful brown rider accessories like the Horka Lizz boots, a matching Kudamono belt, a pair of Roeckl grip gloves and the Uvex suxxeed luxury helmet.

Add a few splashes of luxurious red to finish off the look with a CP Company cap and Mz Wallace Oxford backpack.

Happy hunting and have a stylish ride!

Sophisticated sunshine

Sophisticated sunshine

So imagine this: you’ve planned a super fun but ridiculously busy day this weekend including a spot of shopping, coffee with the girls, a quick business related lunch and then straight to the barn. What on earth do you wear to be able to do it all? Well, how about this sophisticated sunshine #rootd?

The Le Fash NY Williamsburg city beeches really are the epitome of street to stable style and work wonderfully with a crisp white Lacoste shirt. Wear it ‘street style’ with a  pair of Ronner Design Mimosa monogrammed slippers, matching MaKeBe belt, ONLY faux leather jacket and navy blue Vera Bradley Nathalie satchel.

At the barn, swap the slipper for a pair of stunning Cavallo Primus Pro lace-up boots, pop on your matching KEP Italia helmet and finish of the sunshine #rootd with a pair of SSG Gloves.

Wishing you a great busy day and stylish ride!

That Fri-yay feeling

Fri YaY

Anybody else got that fabulous Fri-yay feeling? I certainly do: looking forward to a fun filled weekend of my very first dressage competition, drinks with friends and lounging at home watching movies.

I love trying to find that fine balance between comfort, technical features and style which then results in the perfect casual weekend #rootd.

I think the HKM Starlight riding leggings in grey with hints of black fits that description perfectly: lounge, lunge or ride and look great while doing so. Wear them with a casual pink River Island scoop neck T shirt and the best chilly morning companion: a Naketano Brazzo VIII hoodie.

A casual outfit needs a pair of matching sneakers and this New Balance Memory Marenello  pair fits perfectly into the relaxed #rootd color scheme. When heading out for your ride, wear your Alberto Fasciani comfortable and stylish 103 showjumping boots, a One K defender grey helmet and a pair of Roeckl grip gloves.

Accessorise your relaxed Fri-yay #rootd with a pair of Michael Kors yellow sunnies and the unmistakable Circus by Sam Edelman Deny Pouch.

Have a wonderful weekend and a stylish ride!