Run, ride, relax


The day after Christmas is all about going for a run, a leisurely ride or just relaxing with family and friends. With this look you can do it all. A laid back look with just enough glitter and sparkle to still make it a festive outfit.

The comfortable yet glittery stylish sweater is from Sonia Rykiel and it works great with a laid back white long sleeve crew neck Banana Republic T shirt and a pair of Aztec Diamond Equestrian rider leggings. Throw on your Montar Nana grey side zip jacket if it’s chilly outside.

Wear a pair of Nike Roche sneakers for your run (or leisurely walk) and change into a pair of De Niro Boot co super technical yet extremely comfortable Ramses 03 showjumping boots.

Add on a sparkly Saint Laurent star print scarf for some extra festive cheer and bring your KASK Dogma chrome helmet and Uvex sport style gloves in your Maelort & co waterproof equestrian essentials ringside backpack.

Have a stylish run and ride!