Special edition: The stylish equestrian for Ginnie Palm

Ginnie Palm final

Ginnie Palm 4Meet Ginnie Palm, a stylish equestrian a with a remarkable Portuguese love story.

Ginnie cannot recall first time on a horse, neither the first time she cantered or jumped: her life has revolved around horses for as long as she can remember. Like many others she began as a riding school girl and I took lessons regularly for many years. At the age of thirteen she decided to try to find a horse to ride more regularly so she put up a note at her local supermarket. Never had she imagined she would be contacted by a racehorse trainer and end up riding thoroughbreds throughout her teens alongside her studies.

It was a great time and it also led her to her first own horse, BA Clubman, an Irish-born gelding who arrived thin and completely broken down in 2005. She knew straight away that he was her horse, there was never any doubt. With time and lots of love he grew into an amazing personality and he was her partner and rock for many years, at the racetrack as well as at home after his happy retirement.

Ginnie Palm 3She has always seen herself as an allround rider; in her own humble opinion she was never a star in any specific discipline and but very much enjoyed trying new things and styles. Except for dressage, jumping and racing she also got to try cross country, western and polo. It was not until after going on a riding holiday to Portugal in 2012 that she knew where she wanted to head, and the revelation was spelled ‘Lusitano’.

After returning home she could not let go of the idea of getting to know this amazing breed and horse culture. The same autumn she found the web page of a beautiful riding holiday center in the north of Portugal and decided to ask if they accepted working students and had any spots available. The answer was positive and just about two weeks later she was on a plane down and said that so far it is probably the best decision she has ever made in her life.

Ginnie Palm 1Since her working student time she has worked on two Lusitano studfarms in Portugal including one of the stylish equestrian personal favorites Monte Velho Equo resort in the Alentejo region of Portugal. This has given her a good insight in the world of the Lusitano and the breeding as well as valuable knowledge and experience in training horses of all ages and levels. She has also had the opportunity to train with various riders in dressage and working equitation to further develop her skills. Almost two years ago she found and bought her Luso boy Fagote, who she aims to compete with soon.

Becoming a full time equestrian was never the plan and she actually told herself for a long time that she would never work with horses. However, the supposed to be six months in Portugal became years and she has no plans on returning to Sweden any time soon.

A beginning of a Portuguese love story that will hopefully continue happily ever after.

Like her style? Here is all you need to know to get Ginnie’s look:

White polo’s are an essential piece in the Portuguese riding outfit, as it protects you from the blinding summer sun, while being stylish and functional. This polo with blue details is from Fay and fits perfectly with a pair of Kingsland Kessi breeches and a lightweight Cavalleria Toscana vest.

Minnie swears by her Portugese made Celeris Bia boots, which she pairs with her Roeckl gloves and a Charles Owen blue leather look A8YR helmet.

We finished off the look by highlighting the blue sky solar scheme of the #rootd with a pampeano Polo inspired belt, a Ralph Lauren Polo dark blue cap, a light blue ‘The Horse‘ watch and finally a touch of Sweden with her blue PS of Sweden kit bag.

Have a stylish ride!