Weekend warrior one

Weeekend warrior 1

Go straight from your yoga class, holding onto the feeling of the relaxing strength of your warrior one pose, to the barn for a wonderful weekend ride!

I love how yoga practice helps me stay flexible for my rides and teaches me calm to be able work at my best with my horses. The current athleisure wear trend makes it even easier to also look you very best while practicing your yoga flow as well as riding your flexibility exercises with your horse in the exact same outfit.

These caramel colored Ice fill tech riding tights by Kerrits are great as yoga pants as well as riding breeches, not to mention also being incredibly comfortable and stylish. Wear them with an Emerald green New Balance Newbury tank top and a Naketano Family Bizz VII zip hoodie.

Bring your yoga and rider essentials, like your Manduka emerald green mat, your Malatopia mala necklace, a mint green boho scarf and a pair of Roeckl gloves, in a Patagonia Headway tote bag.

Head over to the barn in you Nike Thea slip on sneakers and when there, change into your Petrie Superior classic boots and pop on the KEP Italia caramel colored helmet to finish of the look.

Have a wonderful weekend and a stylish ride!


Bubblegum and lime

Bubblegum and lime

Who knew that bubblegum pink and lime could come together in such a classy business to barn #rootd?

For the business look, wear your Asmar Equestrian denim breeches with an Etro scoop neck lime T shirt and bright bubblegum pink blazer, a pair of Valentino Rock Stud pumps and a Saint Luarent pink braided belt. Bring your Valentino lime leather iPad case with you in your Fairfax and Favour  Hurlinham tote.

For the barn, exchange your pumps for a pair of Cavallo Novellus polo boots, swap your beautiful blazer for a Moncler lightweight vest and finish off the look with a matching caramel colored KEP Italia Cromo T helmet.

Have a stylish ride!