Working 9 to 5

Working 9 to 5.png

“Workin’ 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin’ ” yeah, Dolly Parton got it right, we all wish we could be at the barn with our four-legged darlings all the time, but a girl’s gotta work to pay the vet, hay, feed, farrier, equestrian fashion, saddle pad addiction…. well you know, the endless list of glorious horse lovers’ costs.

So, if you do find yourself running from the business meeting to the bakery to the barn and back again, better make sure you do it in style.

We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy the very first rays of early spring sunshine over here and this immediately puts me into a springtime color mood incorporating lots of oranges and pinks into a still warm and functional street-to-stable #rootd.

Denim breeches are always a good way to take an equestrian outfit straight from the street to the stable, especially if they are as cute and classy as this pair of Cavallo Chaya grip breeches. Wear them with a bright orange Astraet turtleneck sweater and layer this super cute Patrizia Pepe tailored lightweight floral print down jacket on top.

For the street style part of the look, wear a pair of cognac suede New Balance sneakers to match your vintage Hermès belt and top it off with a pair of Illesteva blue toned aviator shades. Bring your office with you in style wherever the day might take you (barns are great remote working spaces, I promise!) with a computer bag and laptop cover to match your look.

For your ride, swap your sneaker for a pair of classic cognac colored polo style boots by Petrie, wear you matching Hauke Schmidt Arabella gloves and top it off with a blue One K Defender Helmet.

Wishing you a successful working week and a stylish ride!


Frosted Tulip

Frosted Tulip

When searching for the perfect name to describe pretty much my favorite casual street-to-stable look for this season, I came across the name Frosted Tulip for this beautiful shade of soft and delicate pink and thought it would be a perfect fit for this late winter very very early spring warm, functional yet feminine #rootd.

Most of these items are in my wardrobe at the moment and this is one of my favorite ways to combine them all starting with the super cute softy pink House of Horses Helsinki raincoat. Not only is it extremely cute, it’s also functional with it being washable and has both side and back snaps to open it up during a rainy ride. I however also love just wearing out to town on a casual rainy day.

I love the pink and grey combo and usually wear the raincoat with a grey hoodie like this Equiline ‘Funny’ sweater and a pair of my favorite affordable and fabulous grey denim Crescendo breeches by Horze.

Add a pop of color to the look with the Ariat Lowell technical shirt and Ariat Ideal down vest in this beautiful shade of bright turquoise and accessorize it up with an H&M grey and pink scarf and a pair of matching Timberland light pink boots.

Add some classy navy blue riders essentials like the Samshield classic Shadowmat helmet, a pair of Roeckl gloves, Shop Hunt Club Victory Gallop Derby belt and a pair of dark blue Stivaleria Secchiari dressage boots.

Have a stylish ride!


Dusty pink for days

Dusty pink for days

I may have accidentally gone on a mini shopping spree this weekend, which included one (or more) dusty pink pieces to take me from summer to the first cooler days of autumn. So, I thought I’d put my shopping spree to good use and make it the inspiration for a today’s #rootd.

Have you seen this Ted Baker velvet quilted bomber jacket? I love everything about it, the material, the color, the cut and… the washability 😉 Wear it with a sleek black Burberry classic polo shirt and a pair of grey Euro-Star Coco Glam full seat breeches.

Accessorise the look with a pair of classic back lace up Cavallo Primus boots, Uvex sport style glamour gloves, Back on Track scarf and a Gucci horse bit leather belt.

Add on a final touch of dusty pink with a pair of Chiara Ferragni collection Candy flirting slip on sneakers to change into after your ride.

Have a stylish ride!

Happy Birthday Switzerland

HB switzerland

Happy Birthday Switzerland! Today, August 1st, is when the Swiss celebrate the founding of the Swiss confederation, which is modern day Switzerland.

To celebrate this day (as I have been living in Switzerland for almost 10 years), I thought I’d put together a Swiss inspired look for you today.

Switzerland is known for it’s iconic red and white flag and the mountains which provided the color scheme for this look. I started with a pair of navy blue Ariat Olympia Acclaim full seat breeches with red accents in the piping and logo (I have them, love them and wear them all the time!), wear them with a crisp white Schockemoehle sports pearly competition shirt and layer on a bright red SPOOKS Chiara hoodie.

Keep it simple and elegant with a pair of Cavallo Linus jump black riding boots, matching Schoeckmoehle sports belt, a dark blue KEP Italia Cromo smart helmet and a matching pair of Covalliero Gloria gloves. Make sure to swap your helmet for a cap to support the Swiss team after your ride.

Dress up your horse wth a hint of ‘Swissness’ as well today with the HKM Swiss saddle pad and matching bell boots.

Shop this whole look today on the best Swiss online retailer website REITSPORT.CH.

Have a stylish ride!


Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Scarlett Wyrobnik

Scarlett W final
Meet Scarlett Wyrobnik: Dressage rider, equestrian lifestyle ambassador and stylish equestrian.
Scarlett 1.pngScarlett has been riding since she was six years old. She started riding together with her older sister Jillian during the holidays and their parents, who were wonderfully obsessed with horses as too, were very supportive of the girls’ passion.
When she was 12 years old, Scarlett got her first very own horse Mistral. She did however have to share it with her sister.
They both learned a lot on Mistral and they were successful up to level M in dressage and showjumping with him.
Soon Scarlett had the chance to start working with young budding horses, and she decided to follow her passion and focus on dressage riding. With one of her favorite horses Rubina (lovingly called Kitty around the barn),  she learned everything up to level S. She got Kitty  when the mare was five and now she is now 16 years old.
Scarlett 2.pngUnfortunately, Kitty is suffering from laminitis and is not able to be ridden anymore, but she is enjoying her early retirement with Scarlett, always remaining her better half.
Sansibar joined Scarlett in November 2015 and is following in Kitty’s footsteps.
She trains this talented horse patiently, with love and harmony to hopefully have their first competition in a level L dressage test soon.
She wishes for the both of them that Sansibar stays healthy so she can continue with him where she had to stop with Kitty.
Scarlett and Sansibar are dreaming of someday riding their first Grand Prix together! Who knows,  according to Scarlett everything is possible with the right amount of discipline.
Scarlett’s role models in equitation are Hannelore Brenner, who is a paraequestrian for Germany and Uta Gräf. The fascinating part about Brenner is how she handles her handicap, trains her horses and offers them a great life.
Scarlett 3She loves Gräfs joyful spirit, which she transfers to her students. Scarlett finds herself very lucky to have experienced Uta Gräfs inspirational style when she participated in a few of her training courses.
Interesting facts about Scarlett are that she could watch her horses eating hay for hours. For her it’s better than watching TV 😉
Furthermore, she loves rides outside with her horses and her dog Zoé. Also, she takes great care of her equipment and a weekly cleanse is a must for her.
Scarlett’s favorite colors are muted tones like brown, black, grey and blue and loves it when everything matches. Every once in a while she’ll like to add a pop of bright red or blue to her look and match patterns to her horses’ gear.
We’ve put a look together today for Scarlett that incorporates not only her favourite hues, but also some of her all time favourite brands. She loves wearing Pikeur breeches and we went for the new Clarissa grip in navy blue. As a lover of matching outfits, we combined the breeches with a navy blue Mountain Horse long sleeve Alyssa polo and a navy blue HV Polo must have ‘Cheval’ vest (… a vest is really a must have versatile item for Scarlett). For an extra layer of comfort and style, we’ve added a grey Naketano zip hoodie, which is one of Scarlett’s favourite brands as well.
You’ll see Scarlett in a few different types of Samshield helmets and for this look we chose the classic Shadowmat navy blue one and added a Kingsland Delano navy blue baseball cap for after her ride. Playing on the blue and grey colorscheme we added a pair of Uvex sportstyle gloves and a true ‘equinelife’ necessity: a Horze grooming bag.
We finished off the look with a pair of Königs lace-up polo caramel colored boots and matched them to a Liebeskind Berlin braided belt.
Follow Scarlett’s everyday life with her horses on Instagram: @scarlett_equinelife
Have a stylish ride!

Grand Prix style

Grand Prix style

Got your goals set high and determined to reach them today wether its in business or at the barn? Get dressed in Grand Prix style to get you in the winning mood with this edgy #rootd.

Not only is this a strong #equinebossgirl look, it can also take you straight from the boardroom to the barn with a simple change of shoe.

These faux leather breeches by JW Walsden (available at HORZE) are pretty much the best thing I’ve seen all week. Wear them as skinny jeans to work of at the stable for a stylish ride with a classy, comfortable and washable (!) Signature show shirt by Asmar Equestrian. Add on the newest Tailor Made Horsepilot competition jacket, which in cut and style upstages any hughstreet jacket and has the benefit of being made for movement and therefore extremely comfortable and easy to care for.

Accessorise your look with a Banana Republic scarf, a pair of Oliver Peoples Shale retro sunnies, Samshield Hunter gloves and a sleek KASK Dogma helmet.

Exchange your Rebecca Minkoff booties for a pair of Alberto Fasciani style 103 showjumping boots and your ready for a winning ride!

Have a stylish ride!

Cool coral

Cool coral

Coral really is the coolest color this season, especially if you combine it with some cool shades of blue and grey.

All of the big equestrian brands have these shades in their selection the season endive gone for a few of my top pics today. Wear you Ariat Prix polo under a Pikeur NG Dela soft-shell jacket and with a pair of soft grey Mondoni Kenya knee patch breeches.

Style out your look with some more coral and cool blue: isn’t this Stella McCartney shark phone case the coolest thing you’ve ever seen? It matches perfectly with a pair of Cole Haan zero grand Oxford sneaker for after you ride. Add a sleek flow Mango cool blue scarf, which fits with the Burberry blue belt.

Finish off the look with some classic brown rider accessories: a pair of SSG gloves, Petrie Athene polo boots and a Charles Owen AYR8 helmet.

Have a stylish ride!

Ride Eat Sleep Repeat

ride eat sleep repeat

I was super excited when Pikeur Eskadron announced that in addition to their immaculate Eskadron horse ware, they were now also adding a clothing line to the Eskadron brand. Being quite the fan of the Pikeur clothing thanks to their classic cut and quality, I just had to celebrate the new Eskadron line by adding one of their iconic new sweaters into the a #rootd.

Wear you Ride Eat Sleep Repeat Equestrian Fanatics Eskadron sweater with a pair of peach neon Tuffrider breeches and a crisp white Barbour Huunbleton vest. Accentuate the dark navy blue in the sweater with a pair of dark blue Cavallo lace up Primus boots, a Samshield dark navy blue helmet and a pair of Roeckl Lisboa summer gloves.

Add on a few more pops of peach with a Lauren Ralph Lauren silk scarf, a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators and Casetify phone case for a fresh spring time #rootd.

Have a stylish ride!