Bubblegum and lime

Bubblegum and lime

Who knew that bubblegum pink and lime could come together in such a classy business to barn #rootd?

For the business look, wear your Asmar Equestrian denim breeches with an Etro scoop neck lime T shirt and bright bubblegum pink blazer, a pair of Valentino Rock Stud pumps and a Saint Luarent pink braided belt. Bring your Valentino lime leather iPad case with you in your Fairfax and Favour  Hurlinham tote.

For the barn, exchange your pumps for a pair of Cavallo Novellus polo boots, swap your beautiful blazer for a Moncler lightweight vest and finish off the look with a matching caramel colored KEP Italia Cromo T helmet.

Have a stylish ride!



Get in touch with your girlie bubblegum side with this pink and grey #rootd. Whether riding your favourite horse in icy cold weather, popping over to the shops with the ladies or lounging watching your friends training with a hot cup of coco, this look works for all of it!

The late grey Superdry Marl toggle puffer vest has just enough pop of pink to make it sophisticated, fun and girlie all at the same time. Layer a light weight Save the Duck down jacket underneath for another pop of pink and an extra layer of warmth and wear it all over a cream colored Lands’ End drifter cable knit sweater.

The Pikeur Candela II Jeans breeches are a great companion for this look and help it transition from street to stable, as they can easily be worn in stead of a pair of your favourite skinny jeans.

Balance out the girlie bubblegum with a bit of rock chick with these black buckle polo boots by Donadeo Collezioni Italia, black Samshield Hunter gloves and a Chanel Graffiti backpack.

Wear your One K Defender chrome stripe grey helmet during your ride and swap it for a funky Under Armour beanie after your ride.

Have a stylish ride!