Mid season must have

Mid season must have

Technically it’s still summer…. but I can already feel a little chill creeping up on us in the early mornings and late evenings…. so, best to get ready to dress for the awkward cold morning/hot day in between season weather.

The newest addition to the Uhip line-up is the perfect piece for that indecisive in-between-weather day: The Hybrid short sleeve jacket offers a mix of fabrics and insulation for warmth and weather protection where exposure is greatest and breathability where body heat needs to escape. The hybrid construction also offers a flexibility and freedom of movement for activities outdoors, like riding of course.

Stylish and functional, what’s not to love? Wear it with a pair of navy blue Ego7 Silicone full seat breeches and a white sleeveless Adidas x Stella McCartney polo (…another example of perfect functional style!).

Accessorise your look highlighting the orange and navy blue color scheme with a pair of Covalliero Gloria marine gloves, the sophisticated KEP Italia helmet, a woven orange belt and a pair of dark blue Stivaleria Secchiari boots.

Adda a few more touches of orange to take this look from stable to street with a pair of vintage Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses and Hogan sneakers.

Have a stylish ride!



Fern fabulous

Fern fabulous

Ahh the weekend! Hopefully you’ll be spending lots of time at the barn, or watching your friends competing in whatever discipline they excel at. Here’s a look that can have you looking fabulous during your ride as well as being the best dressed street to stable supporter in the crowds.

The inspiration for this look came from these mossy fern colored wedge lace-up super fashionable Sorel Joan rubber boots: THE ultimate way to look good traipsing through summer puddles and mud. I found an incredibly sophisticated light weight bomber jacket by La Perla that has both hint of fern and burgundy in it to enhance the look.

Wear them to watch you friends with an Isabel Marant Etoile basic burgundy t-shirt, a pair of Cavallo Chaya grip denim breeches, a Talbots fern green belt, Cali burgundy baseball cap and Givenchy aviators.

Heading to barn for a ride afterwards? Then swap your baseball cap for this stunning fern green KEP Italia helmet and exchange your super cute rubber boots for a pair of matching Petrie suede green customised boots and throw on a pair of HKM soft touch gloves to finish the look.

Have a great weekend and a stylish ride!

Watercolour world

Watercolor world

A touch of aqua, a hint of deep blue: here’s a wonderful watercolour summer #rootd for you !

I came across these beautiful light aqua watercolour breeches by Fix Design and just had to find a way to style them into a contemporary street to stable look. They’re best worn with a casual GAP ombre tie front sleeveless denim shirt and navy blue rider accessories.

The pattent navy blue De Niro Ottaviano dressage boots are a perfect fit for this look, as well as the metallic blue KEP Italia helmet and matching pattent leather Mm6 by Maison Margiela navy blue belt.

I love how Magic Tack has teamed up with Hauke Schmidt  to bring you to classiest gloves with just enough bling to brighten up any rider’s outfit, and these navy blue ones with a hint of aqua are absolutely divine.

Wear your summer look street style with an Oughton Limited City Lux M bag, a watercolour and white Kate Spade phone case and a pair of K Swiss clean court CMF sneakers to finish off the outfit.

Have a stylish ride!

Summer grey

Summer grey

It’s the middle of summer, the sun is blazing, the evenings are long and hot and I find myself already looking at the upcoming trendiest colors for autumn/winter …. OK, let’s try and fit some new autumn hues into a summer #rootd to ride ins style ahead of the trend.

You’ll be seeing a lot of burgundies and reddish browns again as we did last autumn winter season (LOVE IT!) and this pair of Cera grip breeches by Cavallo are a perfect addition to any equestrian’s wardrobe. Wear it for summer with a sleeveless Euro-star ‘Beau’ navy blue shirt and bring along a white denim HV Polo jacket for  leisurely ride or just to finish off the stylish look.

Accessorise with timeless shades of grey with a KEP Italia helmet, a pair of Uvex Sportstyle gloves, Parlanti Parigi zip dressage boots and a men’s chunky grained leather belt.

Finish off the look with another little hint of dark burgundy with a light weight Loro Piana scarf and you’re ready for and autumn inspired summer’s day ride.

Have a stylish ride!

Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Liesbeth Milan

Special Edition Liesbeth Milan

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 12.58.51Meet Liesbeth Milan: dressage rider, instructor, judge, equestrian lifestyle blogger and stylish equestrian.

Liesbteh grew up in a real horse family where everyone was very active in showjumping. She’s  from Belgium and when she was growing up Belgium was quite the pioneer when it comes to the breeding and development of showjumping horses, so this seemed to be the most logical place to start her riding career.

She started riding at a very your age (6) and absolutely LOVED racing through the woods and jumping with her ponies. She has always had quite the competitive mindset and really had to adjust her ‘happy go lucky’ riding style in order to perform her best at competitions. At 18 she wanted to take her riding even more seriously and took a holiday job at a dressage stable. Here is where she was introduced to the higher levels and intricacies of dressage riding and training and had the opportunity to work with a variety of Grand Prix level horses. This was the real start of her long time love affair with the sport of dressage.

After finishing her law degree (!), she went to work as an intern with a few different dressage trainers throughout Europe to gain as much experience as possible and learn all about the different training techniques including classical dressage training.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 13.00.37Liesbeth loves analysing, reviewing and discussing the wide variety of styles and techniques in dressage and the logical next step for her, was to get her dressage judging certificate when she was 25 years old. She now combines judging with training her own horses and teaching others. The combination of these 3 different perspectives (Judge – Rider – Trainer) gives her a very broad view on what the sport of dressage truly entails.

A source of inspiration for Liesbeth is the world renowned rider Ingrid Klimke:
“she manages to be successful in all aspect of equestrian sport while prioritising the well being of the horse and training in true classical dressage style”
Her full time job is actually her hobby as well: a combination and ideal variety of equestrianism and management. She often works with equestrian events, takes care of project management, PR campaigns, is an entrepreneur in equestrian sports (a new app is coming at the end of 2017) and then there is also her blog Equestrian Lifestyle. The blog was created a few years ago and through the blog, Liesbeth has had the opportunity to engage in unique collaborations with brands and event organizations and, above all, she gets the chance to travel a lot.
“Equestrianism has been evolving a lot in recent years and everything is being professionally performed on top, so it’s nice to be able to be a small part of it.”
Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 13.00.19Liesbeth’s style is simple, classic and sophisticated. She usually goes for navy blues, whites and soft pinks and loves to combine this with antique brown accessories. She’ll always be on the look out for the perfect ‘stand-out’ accessories to add a little spice to her look. She’s an absolute Hermès devotee and is still looking for the perfect pair of Bordeaux red riding boots, but today we went with her signature look.
She loves to ride in denim breeches, so we went for the Pikeur Darjeen full seat. A pair of jeans calls for a chic and sophisticate shirt like the Ronner Design Carla shirt combined with a sleek navy blue Vestrum Limoges gilet.
For her signature antique brown accessories, we chose a pair of The Spanish Boot Co classic brown boots in combination with a pampeano Rosa polo belt, a pair of Roeckl grip gloves and Uvex Suxxeed Luxury helmet.
Last but not least, Liesbeth always carries a statement bag with her and for this look we added the Mulberry leather satchel with navy blue accents.
Make sure you follow Liesbeth on her instagram to be kept up to date with all her wonderful equestrian activities and blog posts!
Have a stylish ride!

Rockin’ the rust

Rockin' the rust

Rusty orange, I love it! So much, that it just had to be the leading lady of this sophisticated street to stable style #rootd.

My love for rusty orange started when I came across these stunning Kingsley customized polo boots – aren’t they amazing? They would look great with a pair of Hermès classic beige knee patch breeches and a beautiful rusty orange New Look sleeveless top. Accessorise your look with some chocolate brown accessories like a Hollister braided leather belt, a pair of Roeckl gloves, matching Makebe ergonomic spurs and caramel colored KEP Italia helmet.

When heading out for the ‘street’ part of this street to stable look, exchange your boots for a pair of bit embellished Gucci sandals, bring your essentials with you in a Coach western ribbed suede saddle bag, add on a vintage Hermès scarf and bring along a lightweight jacket Claire by the newest brand in equestrian land: Isabell Werth collection.

Have a stylish ride!

Cotton candy cool

Cotton candy cool

OK, so we can’t all have those glorious summer sunny days all the time… If it turns out be a bit cooler today, but you still want to keep that sweet cool cotton candy summer vibe, then this is the look for you!

I’m absolutely obsessed with these cotton candy colored X balance breeches by Horse Pilot: a must have for the color loving stylish equestrian! Wear it with a long sleeve light weight Valentino flower print blouse and an ELT by Waldhasen Centa II black vest.

Keep it classy and simple with black rider accessories like the KEP Italia helmet, a pair of Roeckl summer gloves and the sleek and stylish Ariat FEI Monaco field boots.

Finish off your look with a hot pink Under Armour cap, a matching grey and pink Prada vintage belt and swap you boots for a pair of cool black Converse high top sneakers.

Have a stylish ride!

Happy Birthday Switzerland

HB switzerland

Happy Birthday Switzerland! Today, August 1st, is when the Swiss celebrate the founding of the Swiss confederation, which is modern day Switzerland.

To celebrate this day (as I have been living in Switzerland for almost 10 years), I thought I’d put together a Swiss inspired look for you today.

Switzerland is known for it’s iconic red and white flag and the mountains which provided the color scheme for this look. I started with a pair of navy blue Ariat Olympia Acclaim full seat breeches with red accents in the piping and logo (I have them, love them and wear them all the time!), wear them with a crisp white Schockemoehle sports pearly competition shirt and layer on a bright red SPOOKS Chiara hoodie.

Keep it simple and elegant with a pair of Cavallo Linus jump black riding boots, matching Schoeckmoehle sports belt, a dark blue KEP Italia Cromo smart helmet and a matching pair of Covalliero Gloria gloves. Make sure to swap your helmet for a cap to support the Swiss team after your ride.

Dress up your horse wth a hint of ‘Swissness’ as well today with the HKM Swiss saddle pad and matching bell boots.

Shop this whole look today on the best Swiss online retailer website REITSPORT.CH.

Have a stylish ride!


Sophisticated sunshine

Sophisticated sunshine

So imagine this: you’ve planned a super fun but ridiculously busy day this weekend including a spot of shopping, coffee with the girls, a quick business related lunch and then straight to the barn. What on earth do you wear to be able to do it all? Well, how about this sophisticated sunshine #rootd?

The Le Fash NY Williamsburg city beeches really are the epitome of street to stable style and work wonderfully with a crisp white Lacoste shirt. Wear it ‘street style’ with a  pair of Ronner Design Mimosa monogrammed slippers, matching MaKeBe belt, ONLY faux leather jacket and navy blue Vera Bradley Nathalie satchel.

At the barn, swap the slipper for a pair of stunning Cavallo Primus Pro lace-up boots, pop on your matching KEP Italia helmet and finish of the sunshine #rootd with a pair of SSG Gloves.

Wishing you a great busy day and stylish ride!

Give turquoise a try

give turquoise a try

Always wanted to wear a fresh and vibrant shade of Turquoise, but not quite sure how to style it into a contemporary street to stable #rootd? Here’s some inspo for you today!

I’ve gone for a collection of turquoise accessories to brighten up this sophisticated black and burgundy look. First of all, THE equestrian summer no-miss item: the Black Knight Accessories rider wristlet, combined with a high street skinny belt, a Caslon linen scarf and a pair of Adidas Originals Stan Smith vintage sneaker.

The burgundy Ego7 full seat silicon breeches are an ideal pair to take straight from the street to the stable especially when worn with a super cute LE3NO flower print roll-up sleeve blouse.

Match your Alberto Fasciani showjumping boots with burgundy inserts to the rest of your look and finish it off with a black KEP Italia helmet and a pair of Samshield hunter gloves.

Have a stylish ride!