Easy rider

Easy rider

OK, I’m in love… with a sweater! I think really can’t live without this Montar Eliza sweater this season…. Especially not, if I can wear it in this biker-inspired street-to-stable outfit.

I would combine the super cute sweater with a pair of perfect street-to-stable dark grey denim full seat breeches by Kudamono, and pop a Joseph biker jacket over the top when hitting the town.

For the street look, I would add a burgundy bandana, a pair of classic Dr. Martens, a matching phonecase and Orciani burgundy belt.

And then at the stables, I’d swap my Dr. Martens for a pair of Cavallo Primus Pro boots, a pair of Hauke Schmidt Touch of Class gloves and add a cool grey KEP Italia helmet to finish off the look.

Take it easy today and have a stylish ride!



Be mine

Be mine

This happens to me every year: the spring fashion lines are out in the shops and the only thing I can think about is how all of this fabulous fashion can be mine 🙂

I’ve made a small selection of items today in this sophisticated steely grey and soft sorbet lemon; a color combination I well and truly adore. The hero of this look is the new Cavallo Kesha sweat jacket: a perfect layering piece for spring combining both the grey and the soft lemon. Wear it underneath a grey Barbour training sweater jacket and over a sophisticated black Burberry polo shirt.

Add on the new BR Magda full seat silicon grip breeches and finish it off with a vintage Hermès black and silver logo belt.

Keep the rider accessories sleek and simple in black with a pair of Cavallo Primus lace-up dressage boots which look great with special Ruthenium spurs by U-Black, a pair of Roeckl Julia gloves (with a silver grey trim to match the look) and the KEP Italia Cromo textile shine helmet.

To add a little bit of ‘street’ to this street-to-stable look, ask for the OPI ‘Towel me about it”  color at your next manicure, bring along your lemon inspired phone case and finish it off with a pair of matching Adidas Boost Yeezy Neon sneakers.

Have a stylish spring ride!

Rain or shine

Rain or shine

Although we had a little dusting of spring snow this morning, the real winter chill has already made space for springtime fresh air with the odd chance of rain.

To make sure you’re prepared for any type of springtime weather, I’ve put together a cute springtime look today for you with lots of layers and a rain parka thrown in for function and style.

This cute rain parka is the style ‘Rio’ part of the new Marina collection by Rönner Design, wear it over a Kingsland baby blue polo and soft pink V-neck sweater combined with a pair of super comfortable and functional Pro Riding Gear Project No.1 Navy blue riding tights.

The whole look comes together thanks to a few color-coordinated accessories: a Cluse La Bohème rose gold watch and an Adidas baseball cap to match the sweater and a KEP Italia helmet to pick up on the navy blue in the look. Then, to finish off the look, I added some classy brown suede Königs riding boots, Roeckl gloves, Ariat Wexford H2O waterproof Chelsea boots and a pair of Alice and Olvia sunglasses.

Have a stylish ride!

Special edition: The stylish equestrian for Sabrina Seiwert

SE Sabrina Siewert

Meet Sabrina Seiwert: fashion aficionado, successful entrepreneur and stylish equestrian

Sabrina Siewert 1.pngSabrina was born in Germany and raised in Germany aswell as Spain. Having gone to an international school, she is now fluent in four languages.

After completing her A-Levels she did a Gap Year filled with Internships at LVMH, Louis Vuitton and BRABUS in line with her true love for anything high fashion. Then, during her Business Economics studies, she founded her first business with 3 of her fellow students. Together they organized Europe’s biggest Family Business Convention, which was a huge success and an amazing experience. Being an entrepreneur at heart, after getting her degree in Business Economics, she decided not to accept the job offers already lined up or to go into consulting first, like many of her fellow students, but instead, she had the idea for Saddles & Stories and thought “when if not now?!”.

Sabrina’s love for horses started at a very young age: 5 years old. She was the first in her family who was infected with the infinite horse love virus, and thankfully had very understanding parents that did everything for her to follow her passion for horses. Since she went to an intensive time consuming international school, this meant that the older she got, the more time she had to spend on her studies and less time was left to spend with the horses, competing and her other love: ballet.

Sabrina Siewert 2.pngAlthough Sabrina competed in show jumping when she was younger, she definitely feels better in the dressage saddle now. Since starting Saddles & Stories and starting her own business in general is unbelievably time-consuming, she decided to focus her energy on running her business and put a new horse on the agenda for 2019.

“Whenever I do something I tend to do it with all my heart and all the responsibility that comes with it. Because of that it was always out of question for me to get a new horse now and have somebody else care for him/her, 6 days of the week. So, heavy heartedly, having my very own horse again has to wait a little.”

But, Sabrina does not have to go completely without horses in her life,  she finds herself very lucky with her best friend having her very own gorgeous stable with fabulous horses. She gets to jump on a horse any time she wants, and even more important, she gets to relax after a busy #girlboss day and spend time with these beautiful animals.


Back to Sabrina’s current business venture: Saddles & Stories. Being a woman, she was especially inspired by her Mom who is a biologist, turned entrepreneur very early and who to Sabrina personifys anything that comes to mind when thinking of a true #girlboss and entrepreneur at heart.

Sabrina Siewert 3She was familiar with the concept of selling exclusive pre-loved items from her other passion, the fashion industry. Seeing how so many of her friends were struggling to sell their fantastic and mostly very expensive equestrian equipment, the idea for Saddles & Stories was born.

“We equestrians finally needed an adequate market place for our pre-loved & second season treasures. And thats exactly what S&S is, its a market place for exclusive pre-loved equestrian gear for horse and rider.”

Saddles & Stories offers a full service package with the “sellers” sending us the equipment, that matches a list of brands they accept. The article is checked for its quality, styled with cross selling products, shot in a professional setting, and uploaded to the online store with a thorough description.

When the product is sold, it is beautifully packed and sent to the new owner. Subsequently, the seller gets the revenue of the article minus the S&S Service Fee.

Being an online platform for high quality pre-loved equestrian equipment with a full service package for the seller, Saddles & Stories on the other hand offers the customer a classy online shopping experience, with carefully curated high quality products at a reasonable price. And most importantly a very safe way of selling and shopping pre-loved and second season collections.

Sabrina Siewert 4Like Sabrina’s style? Here is all you need to know about the brands she loves and the outfit we put together for her today:

Sabrina has always and always will love the style of Ralph Lauren. To her, it embodies the ultimate sense of equestrian style and way of life. This is why we added a crisp white Ralph Lauren tailored shirt into the look.

She is quite aware that sometimes equestrian style needs to be a bit more focused on functionality over style, but does not want to comprise on either one. To her, a brand like Alessandro Albanese combines style and functionality perfectly, this is why we added a sleek and stylish navy blue show jacket into the mix.


Sabrina will always love her classic beiges, whites, navys and blacks but also loves a deep green, a dark purple and a splash of a strong colour in general. This is why we decided on a pair of classic beige Ariat Olympia breeches in combination with a splash of dark purple in the form of a Kuhl Spyfire hooded down vest.

We had to, of course, celebrate Sabrina’s love for high fashion with some fabulous accessories: a creamy beige Max Mara Cashmere scarf (one of her favorite materials), a Gucci logo belt (looks good with EVERYTHING!), her signature dark purple Prada Saffiano medium tote and a pair of Charlotte Olympia navy blue velvet Kitty Flats (another one of her favorite materials and top picks out of her impressive shoe collection).

We completed Sabrina’s look with a pair of custom blue Königs dressage boots and matching Samshield classic Shadow mat helmet.

Love her style and her business? Make sure to follow Saddles & Stories on Instagram and Facebook or go directly to the website.

Have a stylish ride!



Sunday Sun Salutation

Sun salutation

Spring is in the air, the sun is carefully showing it’s self a little bit more and… it’s Sunday, so it’s time for a for a fresh new studio to stable outfit (the Yoga studio that is…). I love doing yoga alongside my riding as it helps calm my mind, sets me up for a busy day and keeps my muscles and tendons supple and stretched.

I am also a lover of making things as simple as possible, so cut out the extra change time from studio to stable by doing it all in this soft and subtle look.

It all starts with a perfect pair of comfortable and stylish rider leggings, like this Dusky Pink limited edition pair by Aztec Diamond Equestrian. Wear it with a matching Adidas by Stella McCartney sports bra and soft pink free flowing T-shirt by Helmut Lang.

Keep warm on the way to the studio or the stable with a Naketano sweater and Polo Ralph Lauren quilted down vest and bring all you need in this gorgeous Sam Edelman Women’s Emilee Yoga mat tote bag.

The bag will easily fit a pair of brown Roeckl grip gloves, your yoga mat, a matching KEP Italia Helmet and a custom handmade Shakti Mala necklace for your meditation practice (or just as a pretty accessory) by Malatopia.

When at the barn, change your Bally leather Helliot sneakers for a pair of chocolate brown Tucci Harley boots and you’re relaxed and ready for your ride!

Namaste and have a stylish ride!

Union Jack

Union Jack.png

Just back from a wonderful trip in the UK, still with the Union Jack on my mind, I was browsing through Instagram and came across this super cool new UK brand Chillout Horseware with their fabulous Union Jack inspired items.

I chose the denim Chillout Horseware knee-grip breeches for this look today and tried to find as many UK brand to complete the look. How about this horseshoe print button-up shirt by Rydale? Or… a showstopping red vest by UK queen of style and horse lover Stella McCartney?

OK, I had to cheat a little bit with the Ralph Lauren cable knit V neck sweater, but still, it’s a nod to English heritage style, right?

I’ve accessorized the look today with some more UK brands like the Fairfax and Favor navy Windsor handbag, a pair of Hunter Boots short Chelsea boots and the Charlotte Dujardin inspired Charles Owen AYR8 helmet in the Union Jack colors.

The, to finish off the look, I added a pair of Brogini boots, which might sound Italian, but they are actually part of the UK John Whitaker brand, a Ted Baker black belt, and a pair or Roeckl gloves.

Now, in true UK style: keep calm and ride on in style!




Hey spring, is that you? It’s ok, you can come on out now, we’re ready!! Springtime always makes me think of those lovely delicate brave little flowers in bloom braving the possibilities of frost at night and brightening up our countryside one petal at a time.

New springtime collections are out now too, and this makes me a very happy equestrian fashion blogger: loads of new styles and colors to choose from and today I thought I’d highlight one of my favorite horse tack brands that have ventured into fashion this springtime: PS of Sweden.

Isn’t this just the cutest and most functional in-between-season vest? Available in navy and soft pink, this PS of Sweden Ingrid vest will be your best 2018 spring companion. I paired it with these lovely light olive Cavallo Ciora breeches and a soft and luxurious Cremosa Relaxed Sweater in Grey by Alessandro Albanese, which looks great with a grey Shop Hunt Club Flying Change Derby belt.

The spring bloom is highlighted in the accessories for this look: Gucci has some super elegant spring themed items in their collection like this square scarf and the small Dyonisus bloom print bag.

Shade your eyes during your ride with a pair of Ted Baker shades and protect your head in style with a grey star silver KEP Italia helmet.

Trade your cognac Petrie classic Polo boots for a pair of Tods Gommino loafers after your ride and your look is ready for you to meet your friends in town for your first iced latte of the season!

Have a stylish ride!

Delicate denim flower

Denim flower

A hint of denim with a touch of dusty pink flowers: a great office to barn look for the irreverent stylish equestrian.

Start off your day in the office wearing your Mondini Kenia dark blue knee patch breeches as a pair of skinnie chinos, combined with a Fior da Liso delicate denim Marit blouse, an Isabel Marant woven leather belt and Alexander McQueen flower embroidery sneakers. Throw on a dusty pink The North Face vest when heading to the barn and swap you sneakers for a pair of Petrie Milaan Lace-up boots.

Match your Roeckl gloves and Uvex Suxxeed Glamour helmet to your breeches and pop on a dusty pink H&M baseball cap after your ride.

Have a stylish ride!

The fine line

The fine line.png

It’s the fine line work in the horse design that really makes this outfit come to life!

I’m absolutely in love with the new Horseware collection and this bright red Flamboro polo with horse deign embroidery is definitively one of my favourites. Highlight the dark blue embroidery with a pair of Ariat Heritage breeches and throw on a lightweight Alessandro Albanese Sarah summer sweater in the color sandstone and match it to the Alessandro Albanese cap and Mondoni Bolivia gloves.

Accessorise your look with a KASK Dogma helmet, a  pair Tucci Harley field boots and a matching Dy’on Fancy belt.

And don’t leave the house without a matching pair of Luisa Viaroma sunglasses and a London Fog Markham phone wallet.

Have a stylish ride!


Emerald evenings


Even beautiful days still have chilly evenings. This is why I was looking to add the perfect lightweight jacket to a #rootd today. Imagine my joy when I came across this stunning snake print windbreaker by Kenzo: the perfect summer evening companion for a stylish ride!

The emerald colored elements in the windbreaker fit perfectly with a pair of emerald green Fix Design breeches and best wear it with a neutral beige lightweight Agnes T shirt form Samsoe & Samsoe.

Highlight the grey hints in the jacket with a pair of Samshield V skin gloves, a Tailored Sportsman quilted Clarino belt, a KASK Dogma carbon helmet and a pair of stunning Parlanti Parigi zip grey boots.

finish off your look with one emerald green carry all tote bag by Kara.

Have a stylish ride!