Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Manissa R.

Meet Manissa, young ambitious Swiss show jumper, teacher’s assistant and stylish equestrian. Manissa started riding riding when she was 12 years old. She always wanted to ride Western style, but once she tried English style she ended up liking it much more. Three years ago, she started with show jumping and completely fell in love with the […]

Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Scarlett Wyrobnik

Meet Scarlett Wyrobnik: Dressage rider, equestrian lifestyle ambassador and stylish equestrian. Scarlett has been riding since she was six years old. She started riding together with her older sister Jillian during the holidays and their parents, who were wonderfully obsessed with horses as too, were very supportive of the girls’ passion. When she was 12 years old, […]

Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Harriet Jensen

Meet Harriet Jensen: accomplished show jumper, social media star and stylish equestrian The young and ambitious half Norwegian, half German Harriet Jensen, who is currently residing in Hamburg, Germany, has been passionate about everything horse ever since she was a little girl. She started riding when she was about six years old, but at that time only […]

Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for La-Toyah Asha

Meet La-Toyah Asha: Equestrianfashion blogger, professional rider, model and equestrian media personality With her blog, Horseshoes & High heels and instagram account,  La-Toyah takes you on a fashion journey from the stable to the runway. She offers great inspiration for horse events, everyday style tips and insider industry gossip. HorseShoes & HighHeels is an online arena combining luxury, […]

Special Edition:The stylish equestrian for Eloise Stevenson

Meet Eloise Stevenson: Hunter, Jumper, impeccably styled mom and inspiring creative soul. When asking Eloise about her introduction to horses, her mother told her she fondly recalls hearing the clatter of hooves coming through the village as Eloise sat up in her pram completely captivated, drawing in the sight, the smells and the sound, the wonder […]

Special Edition: the stylish equestrian for Veronika Reim

Meet Veronika Reim, the inspiring, ever smiling, naturally beautiful model, equestrian blogger, yoga aficionado and stylish equestrian. Veronika is 23 years old and living near Munich in Germany. She has just started her blog about her equestrian lifestyle and loves to share her experiences and love for Cashi (Cashmans’s Best, a 13 year old Oldenburger gelding). […]

Special Edition: the stylish equestrian for Emma Weinert

Meet Emma Weinert:  fabulously fashionable ambitious energetic dressage rider. Emma has always been utterly obsessed with horses. She used to ride around everywhere on her mums broom and pretend she was on a horse. She remembers feeding the neighbors horse bread at her grandparents house and also still remembers the smell of those horses and how […]

Special Edition: the stylish equestrian for Kathleen Keller

Meet Kathleen Keller: Dressage rider, aspiring equestrian business woman and all round fashionista. Born in Uelzen in March 1990, Kathleen grew up in Bad Bevensen, Germany,  on the small “Stud at the Ilmenau”, where she developed a great passion for riding. As of the age of 13, Kathleen has been quite the accomplished rider, winning […]