Special Edition: The Stylish Equestrian for Hellen Pollock

screenshot 2019-01-15 at 17.08.36

Meet Helen Pollock: businesswoman, social media entrepreneur and stylish equestrian.

HP 1.pngHelen was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta – Canada and credits her mother Bonnie for her love of horses and the equestrian life.  Bonnie started Helen riding at age 3 and she competed both domestically and internationally into her mid-teens, until injuries and a congenital back issue temporarily derailed her show jumping circuit ascent.  Even though the mandated break from riding stretched from the remainder of her teens, throughout college and into the early working years, her love of horses and desire to get back in the saddle never dulled.

After working through her injuries and major elective back surgery, Helen graduated with honors from Montana State University with a degree in business. Microsoft was her first employer and the job took her overseas to their Germany office as a Project and Account Manager, and although she was living in the land of warmbloods and Hanoverians, her riding would still have to wait.

hp 2Eventually wanting to get back stateside, she moved back, and in 2013 landed her current job with News Corp. Housed on the FOX Studios lot on Pico, she is Director of Platforms for FXNOW, the digital distribution platform of the FX Network. As she settled in and found her stride at FX, the riding fire still burned brightly. Helen decided it was time. She promptly found and hired a show jumping trainer, got into riding shape, and began the strict, weekly, training regimen necessary to compete in today’s highly competitive show jumping equestrian landscape. She continues to train, ride and compete to this day.  As the ultimate equestrian and fashion girl herself, coupled with her business school background, Helen decided to combine two of her loves, horses, and business, to found and create the social media content distribution platform Life Equestrian.

hp 3Through Life Equestrian, she loves to keep her audience up-to-date on the latest trends in “street to stable” fashion, design, health & skin care, tech, tack, equestrian and life hacks, home goods and diet & exercise by cultivating a collection of products, in and around all aspects of the equestrian world.  Helen lives in Los Angeles, with her dog Kaiya, and is currently an active equestrian athlete.

Helen gets inspired by riders like McClain Ward who has been a favorite of Helen’s for a very long time.  “He has such elegance with each horse he rides” she said.  There are so many female riders that she loves, so we’re narrowing it down to just a few: Karen Polle, Hannah Selleck, Carly Anthony and Beezie Madden.  “All of these riders have a beautiful riding style that they make it look effortless.  I love the connection they have with each horse and course they ride.” said Helen …  #goals
Helen’s style is simple, sleek and stylish and we put together her look taking the best of a few of her favorite brands to date. We started with her Go-To breeches: a pair of Black Struck Apparel 50 series. Then we layered on a few riding essentials like the Anique Sunshirt in white, a JOTT vest and an extra JOTT jacket for those chilly California mornings. She loves her Samshield helmet and Parlanti boots, so these had to be part of the look too. We finished it off with some no-miss accessories like a ManeJane belt, Roeckl gloves and a super stylish eco-friendly Stella McCartney Falabella bag for those daily barn essentials

Go follow Helen on Instagram and check out her website

Have a stylish ride!

Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Jennifer Schrader-Williams

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 09.07.25
Meet Jennifer Schrader-Williams, Grand Prix Dressage rider, businesswoman and stylish equestrian.
JSW 1Jennifer’s love for horses started at a young age and she took up riding at the tender age of 5. She loved it with heart and soul and made riding her career at 17. She worked for a breeder, Charlene Summers beginning in 1997 and in 2012 was able to buy the farm when Charlene retired with her business partner, Paula Helm.
Charlene gave Jennifer many opportunities to ride quality horses including Phirst Solo whom she competed at the PSG to Qualify for NAYRC and then ultimately at the CDI GP level.  Solo’s Grandson HS Wistar whom Jennifer rode from 4 years old also was carefully developed and brought along to the CDI GP level. Wistar and Jennifer were awarded the Anne Barlow Ramsay grant of $25k to train in Europe in 2010.
Next Jennifer was able to take Wistar’s son HS Wrevolution to the GP level in 2017 whom she owned since a 4 year old. Her current GP horse is Millione, a 15 year old Danish gelding bred by Jorgen Olsen and now owned by Bob and Tina Desroche of Thunder Ridge Sporthorses. Millione and Jennifer have been together since the end of 2016 and 2018 was his first season of GP.
JSW 2Jennifer is passionate about taking young horses and developing them into the dressage start of the future, to be able to do this in the best possible way, she takes inspiration from some of the best riders and trainers in the world like Laura Graves, Charlotte Dujardin, Steffen Peters, and Carl Hester.
Jennifer has been quite successful throughout 2018 (2nd at Rancho Murrietta CDI GP Special 3*, 2nd at GP Calgary 3* , Winner GP Freestyle Calgary 3* and many more…) and will continue to show her superstars for many years to come.
Her main focus areas right now include training Millione and a few up and coming promising horses like Francis HW owned by Lisa Norling. He is a 6 yr old just about ready to compete in the Developing PSG for 2019. She’s also developing several top quality sales horses and spending time with her daughter Lexi and LJ (her pony) on the weekends.
JSW 4Like Jennifer’s style? Here are all the details for her look:
Jennifer’s favorite styles are her Candela Pikeur breeches which we of course immediately included in her outfit. She LOVES her blackberry Königs boots, as they are unique, stylish, durable and comfortable. She also loves her Anique shirts especial in Desert Rose,  and we also added in a belt by Unbelts: “they have cute colors and you can mix and match and there is no bulk under your show coat” said Jennifer. We topped off the look with a lightweight Ariat Windstopper for those blustery morning rides and a GPA classic helmet for style and safety.
We also added in a pair of her favorite Foot Huggies equestrian socks, Heritage Premier show gloves and an Equithème bag to carry all her daily equestrian and showtime essentials.
Want to know more about Jennifer? Check out her website, Instagram and Facebook 
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SPOGA FAVORITES Sept 12018 edition

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 14.16.33

Twice a year the Messe in Cologne, Germany, opens its doors to horse lovers business to business heaven during the SPOGA tradefair. Every single time I attend, I’m blown away by the fabulous new fashion, the technical innovations and the discovery of new brands that shake up the established industry offerings. This year it was all about reinventing classic styles, the occasional pop of color and adding technical touches to trusted items.

A few brands stood out for me this time and I’ve made a little round-up of some of this years must haves:

Ariat has me completely hooked on their collections and I can’t wait to show you what’s new this year. I love them because of their excellent quality products, impeccable classic style and super selection. There are some very exciting things on their way this winter in the boots department (lace-ups anyone?) and breeches (casual crossover leggings anyone?), but for now I’ve added two of my personal favorites: the navy blue Tri Factor full seat breeches (product review on these beauties is coming up soon!) and a pair of coutnry casual Alora Cordovan boots.

Add a sleek and subtle show shirt to the look, like the “sky” shortsleeve from Equithème: a brand that has been around since the 80’s but has recently upgraded their selection and quality of products: make sure to check out their collection!

One of my all time favorites, Rönner Design, really is one of the very few brands in the business that can pull off classy pony prints for adults. I love their technical range to ride in, but also can’t resist most of their casual wear items like this Marina beige and ivory sweater.

Accessorize your ‘SPOGA favorites’ look with some items from smaller newcomer brands like an Espoir equestrian fancy stitch belt (check out their immaculate collection and be ready to shop!), a pair of 18K gold plated U Black rider spurs, a Desori horse gold logo bracelet an a classic and timeless Dapple Equestrian navy, beige and brown saddle pad to tie the whole look together.

Finish off your look with some tried and trusted brands who continuously reinvent themselves to give  us the best the equestrian world has to offer: a pair of Roeckl Milton gloves (loads of eco friendly news coming up from Roeckl soon) and a Galassia glitter dark blue KEP Italia helmet.

Scroll through some of the pics below to see more inspo from SPOGA and have a stylish ride!


Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Marie Medosi

Marie Medosi final
imageMeet Marie Medosi: talented musician, dressage professional and stylish equestrian.
Born and raised in Hawaii, Marie started riding when she was 9 years old.  She grew up galloping on the beach of Waimanalo, jumping over 4 feet, running barrels and poles, and competing in Hunter, Jumper, and Dressage recognized competitions. Her parents supported her riding as much as possible, but couldn’t afford a horse, so Marie worked doing barn chores in order to ride as many horses as possible in as many different disciplines as possible.

This experience led her ultimately to a career in dressage, which combined everything she loved in life into one discipline. She worked her way up to a trainers position in one of the top barns in the US located in San Diego, training with Olympians Sue Blinks, Guenter Seidel, Christine Traurig and more.

She now calls San Diego home and continues her own lifelong education in riding here while sharing her knowledge with a diverse group of horses and serious students. Marie also composes dressage freestyles and has a studio to create music that will perfectly suit a rider’s performance. She most recently composed a freestyle for Steffen Peters and Suppenkasper.

imageWith more than 20 years of riding experience with more than 10 years spent in Olympian trainer programs, Marie brings her own intense training experiences into your life. In her own quest for the Olympics, Marie brings a love of horses, a passion for the art of dressage and the sport of riding together. With a music and dance background, she brings a depth of understanding of rhythm, relaxation, technique, refinement, and true basics to the forefront of her training program

Marie’s classic style and work ethic is inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel whom she recalls discussing at length with her grandmother
“Just like I imagine Coco Chanel and many others who clawed their way up the fashion ladder, I was in the trenches for many years, developing my craft as a working student on a farm girls budget.”
 – Marie Medosie

Timeless, simple elegance.

That really sums up Marie’s style. She enjoys balancing the art and sport that is Dressage and appreciates being well dressed in the style of the Equestrian world. Sarm Hippique’s elite collections are close to her heart in superior quality and design and in their story, as the brand developed from a family of seamstresses needing a better option for their equestrian children. They also are from a little town north of Milan, Italy, neighboring her father’s hometown of Cremona. She also loves the reliability of Pikeur’s stitch and longevity of their breeches and Noel Asmar’s various shirt collections.  Marie loves the comfort and fit, and colors of Mastermind’s collections which also never sacrifice elegance.
Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 17.46.21Marie loves a burst of color on an otherwise simple canvas. A deep burgundy, or a dark orange, or various shades of blue or green, which go with her boldly red hair. A deep blue is one of her staples too, and you can never go wrong with the classic black and white combo.
For Marie’s look today we went with some of her favorite brands and color combinations, starting with a pair of burgundy and slate grey Mastermind breeches. We added on a classic Asmar Equestrian training shirt in dark blue with grey detailing and layered on a matching Uniqlo vest. Then, we accessorized her look with her signature Samshield helmet and De Niro boots, a pair of Roeckl grip gloves and a pair of Foot Huggies riding boot socks. We finished off the look with a matching Asmar Equestrian belt and a Kingsland navy and burgundy hat to shield Marie from the sun while teaching outdoors.
Have a stylish ride!

Special edition: The stylish equestrian for Sabrina Seiwert

SE Sabrina Siewert

Meet Sabrina Seiwert: fashion aficionado, successful entrepreneur and stylish equestrian

Sabrina Siewert 1.pngSabrina was born in Germany and raised in Germany aswell as Spain. Having gone to an international school, she is now fluent in four languages.

After completing her A-Levels she did a Gap Year filled with Internships at LVMH, Louis Vuitton and BRABUS in line with her true love for anything high fashion. Then, during her Business Economics studies, she founded her first business with 3 of her fellow students. Together they organized Europe’s biggest Family Business Convention, which was a huge success and an amazing experience. Being an entrepreneur at heart, after getting her degree in Business Economics, she decided not to accept the job offers already lined up or to go into consulting first, like many of her fellow students, but instead, she had the idea for Saddles & Stories and thought “when if not now?!”.

Sabrina’s love for horses started at a very young age: 5 years old. She was the first in her family who was infected with the infinite horse love virus, and thankfully had very understanding parents that did everything for her to follow her passion for horses. Since she went to an intensive time consuming international school, this meant that the older she got, the more time she had to spend on her studies and less time was left to spend with the horses, competing and her other love: ballet.

Sabrina Siewert 2.pngAlthough Sabrina competed in show jumping when she was younger, she definitely feels better in the dressage saddle now. Since starting Saddles & Stories and starting her own business in general is unbelievably time-consuming, she decided to focus her energy on running her business and put a new horse on the agenda for 2019.

“Whenever I do something I tend to do it with all my heart and all the responsibility that comes with it. Because of that it was always out of question for me to get a new horse now and have somebody else care for him/her, 6 days of the week. So, heavy heartedly, having my very own horse again has to wait a little.”

But, Sabrina does not have to go completely without horses in her life,  she finds herself very lucky with her best friend having her very own gorgeous stable with fabulous horses. She gets to jump on a horse any time she wants, and even more important, she gets to relax after a busy #girlboss day and spend time with these beautiful animals.


Back to Sabrina’s current business venture: Saddles & Stories. Being a woman, she was especially inspired by her Mom who is a biologist, turned entrepreneur very early and who to Sabrina personifys anything that comes to mind when thinking of a true #girlboss and entrepreneur at heart.

Sabrina Siewert 3She was familiar with the concept of selling exclusive pre-loved items from her other passion, the fashion industry. Seeing how so many of her friends were struggling to sell their fantastic and mostly very expensive equestrian equipment, the idea for Saddles & Stories was born.

“We equestrians finally needed an adequate market place for our pre-loved & second season treasures. And thats exactly what S&S is, its a market place for exclusive pre-loved equestrian gear for horse and rider.”

Saddles & Stories offers a full service package with the “sellers” sending us the equipment, that matches a list of brands they accept. The article is checked for its quality, styled with cross selling products, shot in a professional setting, and uploaded to the online store with a thorough description.

When the product is sold, it is beautifully packed and sent to the new owner. Subsequently, the seller gets the revenue of the article minus the S&S Service Fee.

Being an online platform for high quality pre-loved equestrian equipment with a full service package for the seller, Saddles & Stories on the other hand offers the customer a classy online shopping experience, with carefully curated high quality products at a reasonable price. And most importantly a very safe way of selling and shopping pre-loved and second season collections.

Sabrina Siewert 4Like Sabrina’s style? Here is all you need to know about the brands she loves and the outfit we put together for her today:

Sabrina has always and always will love the style of Ralph Lauren. To her, it embodies the ultimate sense of equestrian style and way of life. This is why we added a crisp white Ralph Lauren tailored shirt into the look.

She is quite aware that sometimes equestrian style needs to be a bit more focused on functionality over style, but does not want to comprise on either one. To her, a brand like Alessandro Albanese combines style and functionality perfectly, this is why we added a sleek and stylish navy blue show jacket into the mix.


Sabrina will always love her classic beiges, whites, navys and blacks but also loves a deep green, a dark purple and a splash of a strong colour in general. This is why we decided on a pair of classic beige Ariat Olympia breeches in combination with a splash of dark purple in the form of a Kuhl Spyfire hooded down vest.

We had to, of course, celebrate Sabrina’s love for high fashion with some fabulous accessories: a creamy beige Max Mara Cashmere scarf (one of her favorite materials), a Gucci logo belt (looks good with EVERYTHING!), her signature dark purple Prada Saffiano medium tote and a pair of Charlotte Olympia navy blue velvet Kitty Flats (another one of her favorite materials and top picks out of her impressive shoe collection).

We completed Sabrina’s look with a pair of custom blue Königs dressage boots and matching Samshield classic Shadow mat helmet.

Love her style and her business? Make sure to follow Saddles & Stories on Instagram and Facebook or go directly to the website.

Have a stylish ride!



Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Gunes Ozturk Yilmaz

Gunes final
Meet Gunes Ozturk Yilmaz, an avid rider, accomplished showjumper, high profile editor, entrepreneur, fashionista and all-round stylish equestrian.
Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 10.53.02Gunes only got bitten by the horse-love bug a little bit later on in life, but when she discovered how much she loved everything horse, she went full in and now owns 3 beautiful Selle Francaise mares which are stabled at the Kemer Country club in Istanbul.
Gunes had a brief riding experience when she was a kid and was the first person in the family to have ever touched a horse, however after about 12-15 lessons she had a nasty fall and decided that horse riding was maybe not for her. She did, in fact, try again when he was a teenager, but couldn’t quite get back into it wholeheartedly: ” I loved horses but I wasn’t ready for the hard work back then” Gunes told us.
It all came back to her again when her 20 years younger sister started riding club ponies and her sister was given a pony by their father. “I went to the club see the pony, fell in love and the next day I was back on a horse,” Gunes said. She has been riding ever since.
Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 10.55.33Gunes is lucky enough to live only 3km away from where her 3 mares are stabled (a luxury with Istanbul traffic!)  and can only describe her barn life as very interesting 🙂
She rides in a big club with a lot of competition horses mainly focussed on showjumping and nowadays they have a competition nearly every two weeks. There are a handful of friendly people luckily, but she would definitively describe the atmosphere as competitive at times.
A lot of the horse owners take advantage of the fact that the club offers groom services (just show up and hop on your horse kind of service), but Gunes really enjoys caring for her mares herself whenever she has the time in her busy schedule.
The Kemer Country club is not just a riding club, they also have tennis courts, basketball court, and a huge golf course, and Gunes embraced the opportunity to start playing tennis alongside her riding: “Tennis is fun, you burn a lot of energy, you think about the game, and you learn how to make strategies. It’s not just hitting the ball, you have to play it like a chess game.” said Gunes. “It’s a great work-out, combining blasting sprints and stamina, which are both super to support a showjumpers physical requirements”.
Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 10.56.21Gunes has become quite successful showjumping with her mares in a very short time, winning more than 20 first places and many many more top 10 placements. She loves to keep improving her technique and set higher goals every single time she enters the show ring. All thanks to motivation, perseverance and her 3 lovely Selle Francaise mares Qraft (14), Reinette (13) and Soie (12). She bought all three of them with her old coach and at the same seller in France. All three of them have their superpowers:
Qraft is super easy, super fun, super calm and super everything. She doesn’t have a great technique but wins on sheer willpower: “we won over 20 first places with Qraft when I first started competing. Qraft is also great for photoshoots, kid friendly, basically bomb proof!” according to Gunes.
Reinette was not an easy horse but they found a way to “click”. Now she’s super easy on flatwork and competitions and Gunes is easily winning 115cm shows with her. At first, Reinette was scared of a lot of things, but now she’s like Qraft: bomb proof… well almost 😉
Soie is a bit more of a diva: during flatwork she’s scared of everything, the true definition of a spooky mare but once you start jumping, she doesn’t care about anything and she doesn’t mind jumping sky high. Gunes happily endures all the sass and tantrums because she’s also an angel in forest walk and hacking.
Gunes loves following the latest styles and besides her work as managing editor of LOG magazine (a popular Turkish technology magazine), she loves to put her creativity, background in fashion design and photography (having studied Fashion Design in London and Photography and Video in Istanbul) to good use too.
Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 10.54.34Not only does she create lots of crafty things like decorating saddle pads, making her own browbands and designing stable curtains for friends, she also enjoys designing team logos and has now combined her love for her editing profession with her love for style and horses which she showcases on her personal Instagram but also on her equestrian blog: Correctlead.
She found herself writing short reviews to friends about the latest products, and her friends actually encouraged her to share the same reviews on a website. Since testing and reviewing is what she does professionally, she decided to give it a try. She absolutely loves how her profession and passions come together this way and wished she’s started it sooner, hoping to make it into her full-time career one day.
Like Gunes’ style? Here are all the details about the look we put together for her today:
One of her all-time favorite must-have items is the Asmar Equestrian All Weather Rider, especially because it comes in her favorite shade of Olive green. We’ve combined it with a stylish Theory silk twill blouse and classy beige Ariat breeches, for a sleek office to stable look. We added a burgundy Dubarry classic V-neck sweater and a Missoni vintage scarf for a touch of style. Gunes is all about styling up her look with the right accessories and today we went for a beautiful Dalton’s equestrian style belt and the opportunity to swap her favorite KASK helmet a stylish Hicks & Brown hat for after her ride. Same goes for the boots: she likes to keep her Tucci Marylin boots clean by swapping them out after her ride for a pair of chic and comfortable loafers like this olive green pair by Bass Weejuns. Then, we finished off the look with a pair of beige Roeckl gloves, Prada classic sunglasses and a Dimacci competition bag to bring all of her equestrian essentials to the barn.
Hope you like Gunes’ style and make sure to follow her personal Instagram and Correctlead blog!
Have a stylish ride!

Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Brianna Zwilling

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 15.30.49.pngMeet Brianna Zwilling: young equestrian entrepreneur, dressage trainer, successful competitor and stylish equestrian.

Brianna Zwilling grew up in Minnesota, working at a local horse stable in exchange for lessons and board for her first horse – a feisty, stubborn Arabian. She explored various disciplines (including western), but was drawn to dressage in the end because of the harmony that is achieved between horse & rider and the immense depth of learning needed to excel.

In 2009, Brianna and her Oldenburg gelding DiMaggio represented Region 4 in the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships. They earned 6th place in the team competition. During that year, they also won two regional championship titles, Young Rider Prix St. Georges and Fourth Level Freestyle with a score of 77+%. DiMaggio is still going strong & now teaching some of Brianna’s students, even helping one of her riders earn a Bronze medal in 2015.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 15.31.34Brianna enjoys training horses at all levels, but is especially interested in working with young horses to patiently build strong basic skills. So she started the journey again with a new horse in 2012. While not really looking to buy for herself, she sat on a 4 year old that was for sale. After one ride, Brianna knew she had to have this horse and scraped together everything she had to buy Griffindor (“Opie”), a sensitive and big moving Oldenburg.

The two successfully qualified and competed at the first US Dressage Finals in 2013 where they placed 6th in the nation at First Level. They returned in 2015 earning National Champion Third Level Freestyle. In 2016, Opie showed his first season of Prix St. Georges and the pair have their sights set on Grand Prix in a few years.

The rider that inspires Brianna the most is Betsy Steiner. She is a very dedicated and hard working horse woman who is always positive and has a true love and passion for horses. “Her riding shows beautiful harmony and grace, and her horses are so happy in their work. I have been clinicing with Betsy for about 3 years now and I feel inspired every time I ride for her.”
Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 10.29.20Brianna’s busy horse life based in St Louis Missouri includes training, teaching and showing. She currently has over 20+ horses in training, teaches lessons everyday, including students that trailer in for lessons. During the summer months, she’ll travel to shows 2-3 weekends a month and hosts clinics at her own barn as much as possible to keep learning and exposing her horses to new challenges. If this is not enouch for this young equestrian entrepreneur, she is also trainig hard to start her own horse “Opie” at Grand Prix level.


Brianna likes to present herself in a stylsh and professional way. Her riding wear is her ‘office’ wear and she takes her appeareance as seriously as her strive for perfection in working with her horses and students. She loves combining rich blues, maroons, shades of grey and black and a bit of bling when competing with her Rock House Couture stock ties (one of her proud sponsors). We have compiled a versatile and stylish layered look for Brianna today to take her from those chilly Missouri mornings all the way though hot afternoons and cool evenings.

Brianna was ademement that her look included some of her favorite brands, especially Mastermind breeches: “they are my absolute favorite”. So we included a pair of Mastermind Mindy Slate breeches paired with a Arista Equestrian technical quarter zip training top layered under an Ariat basis full zip light weight sweater and Silver Pikeur down vest.

She loves Cavallo boots and these beautiful maroon Primus Pro lace-up boots are a perfect fit for the look, especially when combined with a matching light weight Bikkembergs scarf and Charlotte Russe velvet skinny belt.

We added in a pair of no miss Julia gloves by Roeckl, a pair of her favorite New Balance sneakers to change into in between rides and finished it off with her signature Samshield helmet.

Want to know more about Brianna? Follow her on Instagram or check out her website.

Have a stylish ride!


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Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Danielle Reynolds

special edition DVR

Meet Danielle Reynolds: fearless young entrepreneur, innovative fashion designer and stylish equestrian

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 09.59.23She started riding when she was first plonked on a horse age 3. Her and her sister  developed that horse obsession most of us get. They were at the yard all weekend, every weekend; riding and hanging out at the stables was all they were ever interested. If the girls weren’t at the yard they’d be playing horses in the garden, setting up jumping courses, wearing full gear (including hat and body protector) anywhere they went, testing each other on everything from their horse-care books, playing their Mary King play-station games or drawing layouts of yards they wished to own in the future.

Danielle was lucky enough to have over ten years of quality riding tuition which she is incredibly grateful for, but from many years since of hacking and not taking her riding too seriously, she does notice quite a few bad habits she’s fallen into through such relaxed riding for such a long time!  Her favourite type of riding is simply when the horse is enjoying it as much as she does, whether that be hacking out with friends letting the horses race each other, or out at cross-country or a sponsored ride.  

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 09.59.49Hacking is what Danielle spends most of her time doing. Having direct access to the South Downs (UK) means rides are limitless and beautiful. Getting out with one of her good friends for a ride, letting the horses have a good stretch and let off some steam whilst the humans have a good giggle and catch up is the type of riding she loves. She would like to be able to take her riding more seriously too but with starting a business her free time is very limited. Danielle hopes that in the not too far future she can purchase her own horse and get out and about a bit more.

Danielle is the founder and owner of DVR Equestrian Sport. A brand-new performance based Equestrian-wear brand. Her first collection STYLE VIS™ concentrates on the safety of being seen and offers a range of premium, practical designs for riding, cycling and running.

For Danielle the most inspirational riders are those standing up for change in the equestrian world based on so much tradition, for example Charlotte Dujardin encouraging the of wearing of crash helmets in the dressage ring.

In terms of what Danielle wears when riding, she’s one of those people that often opts for gym-wear over equestrian brands, and this is partly why she launched her own collection. You’ll find her in a pair of her favourite running leggings and a Nike base-layer most of the time.

We put together a look for Danielle today incoporating her own designs, but also some of her style favorites. We of course started with the basic essentials: a stylish and supportive sports bra by her own brand DVR Equestrian and a pair of plum Style VIS rider leggings also by DVR Equestrian. We added a bit of fashion into the mix with this comfortable, functional yet super stylish Kenzo tiger sweater and layered a classic Ariat black wind breaker bomber jacket on top for those chilly English countryside rides. Danielle also loves her Ariat Heritage Contour II field boots, so we had to add them in. She keeps safe and stylish while riding, not only by wearing her Style VIS collection, but also with a Charles Owen Pro II helmet and a piar of Hauke Schmidt Touch of Class gloves. We added on one more hint of sporty style: a pair of Puma satin sneakers to change into after her ride.

Would like to ride safely and in style too? Go check out the DVR Equestrian collection online right HERE.

Have a safe and stylish ride!


Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Liesbeth Milan

Special Edition Liesbeth Milan

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 12.58.51Meet Liesbeth Milan: dressage rider, instructor, judge, equestrian lifestyle blogger and stylish equestrian.

Liesbteh grew up in a real horse family where everyone was very active in showjumping. She’s  from Belgium and when she was growing up Belgium was quite the pioneer when it comes to the breeding and development of showjumping horses, so this seemed to be the most logical place to start her riding career.

She started riding at a very your age (6) and absolutely LOVED racing through the woods and jumping with her ponies. She has always had quite the competitive mindset and really had to adjust her ‘happy go lucky’ riding style in order to perform her best at competitions. At 18 she wanted to take her riding even more seriously and took a holiday job at a dressage stable. Here is where she was introduced to the higher levels and intricacies of dressage riding and training and had the opportunity to work with a variety of Grand Prix level horses. This was the real start of her long time love affair with the sport of dressage.

After finishing her law degree (!), she went to work as an intern with a few different dressage trainers throughout Europe to gain as much experience as possible and learn all about the different training techniques including classical dressage training.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 13.00.37Liesbeth loves analysing, reviewing and discussing the wide variety of styles and techniques in dressage and the logical next step for her, was to get her dressage judging certificate when she was 25 years old. She now combines judging with training her own horses and teaching others. The combination of these 3 different perspectives (Judge – Rider – Trainer) gives her a very broad view on what the sport of dressage truly entails.

A source of inspiration for Liesbeth is the world renowned rider Ingrid Klimke:
“she manages to be successful in all aspect of equestrian sport while prioritising the well being of the horse and training in true classical dressage style”
Her full time job is actually her hobby as well: a combination and ideal variety of equestrianism and management. She often works with equestrian events, takes care of project management, PR campaigns, is an entrepreneur in equestrian sports (a new app is coming at the end of 2017) and then there is also her blog Equestrian Lifestyle. The blog was created a few years ago and through the blog, Liesbeth has had the opportunity to engage in unique collaborations with brands and event organizations and, above all, she gets the chance to travel a lot.
“Equestrianism has been evolving a lot in recent years and everything is being professionally performed on top, so it’s nice to be able to be a small part of it.”
Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 13.00.19Liesbeth’s style is simple, classic and sophisticated. She usually goes for navy blues, whites and soft pinks and loves to combine this with antique brown accessories. She’ll always be on the look out for the perfect ‘stand-out’ accessories to add a little spice to her look. She’s an absolute Hermès devotee and is still looking for the perfect pair of Bordeaux red riding boots, but today we went with her signature look.
She loves to ride in denim breeches, so we went for the Pikeur Darjeen full seat. A pair of jeans calls for a chic and sophisticate shirt like the Ronner Design Carla shirt combined with a sleek navy blue Vestrum Limoges gilet.
For her signature antique brown accessories, we chose a pair of The Spanish Boot Co classic brown boots in combination with a pampeano Rosa polo belt, a pair of Roeckl grip gloves and Uvex Suxxeed Luxury helmet.
Last but not least, Liesbeth always carries a statement bag with her and for this look we added the Mulberry leather satchel with navy blue accents.
Make sure you follow Liesbeth on her instagram to be kept up to date with all her wonderful equestrian activities and blog posts!
Have a stylish ride!

My competition style special

Today was our very first competition day where we had the perfect storm of everything that could go wrong at your very first test: horse refusing to load (while normally walking on happily without a care in the world), the worst weather (rain, rain, rain and more rain) and dogs walking through the arena during the test (did someone say spook?).

We ended up somewhere in the middle, a result with which I am incredibly pleased considering all of the excitement leading up to the actual test. Best of all was the judges comments on us being a great combination and looking good to boot! 

I thought I’d share my competition style with you today. It all starts with a pair of white breeches: I wore the Horze Grand Prix full seat breeches – affordable, comfortable and great quality!

Then, I added on one of the shirts I actually love training in as well: the Asmar Equestrian Oxford show shirt and topped it off with the stunning and comfortable Euro Star Maxima show jacket.

I paired my black Ariat Heritage contour field boots with my Horses by Pumps en Paarden belt and of course I wore my favorite Samshield helmet and Roeckl gloves.

My lucky charm for the day was my custom made stock tie by No Concept – with a very small hint of orange to fit with my Hermès saddle pad.

My saving grace for the day was most certainly the Uhip sports jacket and matching rain skirt: both not only kept my white breeches clean and outfit looking on point, they also kept me wonderfully dry while warming up in the pouring rain. A full product review on these beauties will follow very soon! 

I sure hope you guys had as much fun competing this weekend as I did. Can’t wait for the next one!!

Have a stylish ride!