Trick or treat?

Happy Halloween!! That strange time of year somewhere between Autumn and winter, when you have absolutely no idea what to wear. Today I decided to provide you with a sophisticated take on a Halloween inspired #rootd with a little pumpkin, chocolate and ghoulishly beautiful beigy grey that will work for both Autumn and Winter weather. My […]

Irish rain

We have been blessed with the most gorgeous Indian summer weather over the past few weeks, but now, unfortunately, that rainy, chilly, dark and cold autumn weather has finally reared its ugly head. But you know what they say: bad weather doesn’t exist, just bad clothing. And for us equestrians outdoors in the mud and […]

Wintery walks

Whether you’re planning on a walk in the hills with your dog, are going for a quick coffee with friends on a chilly day or heading straight to the barn, this look will let you do all in comfort and style. A pair of dark denim full seat breeches like the Cavallo Cira, is the ideal street-to-stable item, […]

Dear Dot

Dear Dot, Thank you for so elegantly placing yourself in many lovely shades onto this exquisite Marc Jacobs wool sweater so that it could be part of today’s street to stable style #rootd. Yours sincerely, The stylish equestrian I decided to celebrate the dot today by complementing the dots featured in the sweater with a high […]