Birthday Q&A

Thanks all of you for your lovely birthday wishes and questions.

I’ve gathered and grouped your questions and hopefully you will see the answer you were looking for!

Why did you start stylish equestrian?

The idea started a little over a year ago when I was working a more than full-time corporate job in international luxury sales&marketing. Long days spent at the office leading to the unavoidable awkward office changing room moment before heading to the barn as fast as possible. I always got a strange look or two from folks who were not familiar with equestrian wear and on more than one occasion had to explain the interesting attire (not the mention the particular scent at times). I started to become quite adapt at combining my office wear with my breeches in the best way possible to limit the change-over time and make the whole thing still look office worthy and stylish. When speaking to some hard working equestrian girl friends, we discovered that there are quite a few more ladies (and gentlemen) out there with the same same daily struggle, who could use some inspiration. This is why is started the stylish equestrian: a place where my love for fashion, styling and horse riding comes together.

Why is your username the_stylish_equestrian? What made you pick it?

The stylish equestrian was a name that I had had in mind for a while, as it encompasses all that the stylish equestrian stands for: a combination of high fashion, style and everything equestrian.

Do you have a “day job” in addition to your equestrian blog or have you turned this into your full time gig?

I do in fact have a ‘day job’ in addition to the almost full-time activity that comes with finding the perfect items to create the stylish equestrian sets. I run an equestrian (social media) marketing consultancy agency, where I offer services for both (small) businesses and riders, in addition to creating a social media platform for the both to connect in the best possible way.

Check out The stylish equestrian consulting for more info

If you could pick one or two collections from any brand to fill your wardrobe on your birthday who would you choose?

It would have to be a combination of the Vestrum and Asmar Equestrian spring collections.  Both of these brands have found the perfect balance between equestrian technical wear and an exquisite sense of contemporary style.

If you had to pick one riding outfit to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I could not live without a pair of denim riding breeches, so they would have to be part of my life-time look, I’m currently obsessed with a pair for HKM. I love the brown boots, belt and gloves combo, which would have to be my Alberto Fasciani dressage boots (read about them here), a signature equestrian high fashion statement belt from Hermes and a pair of brown Roeckl chester grip gloves. Regardless of the season, I will always wear layers: a classic white polo by HV Polo for example combined with a super practical and stylish Ariat light weight down vest and a jacket like the Asmar Equestrian All weather Rider or a statement blazer by Sporting Hares to take the look into the city. I love the Samshield Shadowmat helmet I have at the moment, but am eyeing a custom KEP Italia helmet that I would love to wear for the rest of my life.

What’s your favourite day of the week?

Thursday, for sure! It’s my decision making day, the day that I plan the upcoming weeks, am the most productive and generally have the best rides. Why? Not sure 😉

What did you get for your birthday?

A beautiful tailor made leather jacket from my lovely husband and of course a kiss from my horse and the holiday we’re on right now

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Have a stylish ride!