Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine

Writing to you this morning from my hotel room in Cologne, getting ready for my second day at the international equestrian trade fair SPOGA. Soon I’ll bring you a set as always with my SPOGA favorites, but for now, I’d thought I’d share a look inspired by the early morning winter sunshine shining through my hotel room window at the moment.

I love how warm yellow accent can brighten up any classic street-to-stable look and was very happy to find this cute Karen Millen striped knit sweater with the warm yellow shoulder patches. It’s great when worn with a pair of Pro Riding Gear black Project No.1 riding breeches (which are not only exceptionally good technical breeches, but also look great in a street style outfit). Add on a classy Kingsland Vidalia bodywarmer and accessorize your look with some matching grey rider essentials like the Kep Italia Cromo T helmet, a pair of Uvex Sportstyle gloves and custom Petrie grey croco polo style boots.

To take this look from stable to street, exchange your boots for a pair of yellow Converse high tops, shade your eyes from the low rising winter sun with a pair of Alice + Olivia sunglasses, a Samoe and Samsoe scarf and last but not least a matching yellow tweed and silver Morris Richardson watch.

You can now get this Morris Richardson watch, or any other model that you might fall in love with, with a special ‘Stylish Equestrian’ discount of 15% when using the code TSE15 at check-out. SHOP HERE NOW

Have a stylish ride!



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