Daisy blue

Daisy Blue

A floral take on a classic navy and beige #rootd. A few of the leading equestrian online shops have started to give some previews of spring / summer items that will be in stock soon: YAY! This super cute navy and daisy lightweight Michelle jacket from HV Polo was one of them and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

Wear it with a pair of classic beige Kingsland Kendra breeches and a preppy navy blue V-neck perfect fit logo sweater by Equestrianista collection worn over a Kingsland basic yet classy white Diamore showshirt.

This look is great with a pair of cognac Stivaleria Secchiari field boots, a Kudamono leather belt and matching Hauke Schmidt gloves.

Finish off the look with a classic navy blue KEP Italia helmet and bring all your weekend barn essentials with you in this gorgeous Oughton Limited City Lux M blue leather bag.

Have a wonderful weekend and a stylish ride!


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